Toyotas Are the Most Stolen Cars in Japan

Toyota Corolla has been the most stolen vehicle in Pakistan, owing to the company’s reluctance to offer anti-theft systems such as immobilizers for a long time. The company, however, started equipping Toyota Corolla (in Pakistan) with immobilizers after mid-2016.

It may surprise some, though, that Toyotas are also the most stolen cars in their native Japan. Toyota and Lexus occupy 9 out of 10 spots in Japan’s top 10 list of most stolen vehicles for 2023.

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For the third consecutive year, the Toyota Land Cruiser (including Prado) remains the most stolen vehicle in Japan, with the Alphard minivan and Toyota Prius coming in second and third, respectively. The trend is evident here, as 7 of the 10 most stolen cars are Toyotas, 2 are Lexuses, and one is a Mercedes-Benz, making it the only non-Japanese entry. This is unsurprising considering that all of the cars on the equivalent lists for 2021 and 2022 were Toyota and Lexus.

Most Stolen Cars in Japan in 2023

  • 1 – Toyota Land Cruiser – 383 cases
  • 2 – Toyota Alphard – 364 cases
  • 3 – Toyota Prius – 307 cases
  • 4 – Lexus LX – 120 cases
  • 5 – Toyota Hiace – 60 cases
  • 6 – Toyota Crown – 53 cases
  • 7 – Toyota Vellfire – 43 cases
  • 8 – Lexus RX – 42 cases
  • 9 – Toyota Harrier – 37 cases
  • 10 – Mercedes-Benz (model not specified) – 37 cases

The General Insurance Association of Japan compiled the list as part of a survey on car theft cases in the country. The data for car thefts is collected from 21 insurance companies that operate in the region. The top 10 models represent 55.7% of the total car thefts. The 2,597 reported cases in 2023, are slightly down from the 2,656 stolen cars in 2022 but more than the 2,425 cases in 2021.

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As reported by Response, more than half (58.5%) of the car thefts occurred during the night with car thieves taking advantage of the low light conditions and the reduced traffic.

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