Wuling Unveils Baojun Yep EV Pickup Truck

Baojun, the budget brand under the SAIC-GM-Wuling umbrella in China unveiled the cute little Yep electric SUV earlier this year. And although the formal launch of the Yep EV SUV is yet to take place, Bajun doesn’t waste any time and has shown a pickup truck variant of the Yep.

The Yep’s exterior styling is quite identical to that of the SUV model. It has the same blocky headlights, chunky bumper, wide fenders, and large side-view mirrors. However, Yep’s B-pillar conceals a host of alterations. It has a truck bed, and a spare tire attached to its tailboard.

Baojun Yep EV pickup

The Yep electric SUV has three doors and four seats while the Yep pickup will have two doors and two seats. The dimensions of Yep SUV are 3,381/ 1,685/ 1,721 mm with a 2,110 mm wheelbase, while that of the pickup are expected to remain in the same league.

Yep tailgate

Worth mentioning that the Yep SUV has an interesting feature, which is a digital screen mounted on the rear tailgate. According to Baojun, this screen will help the young generation to express their personalities. However, the digital screen isn’t available with the Yep pickup.

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Baojun is yet to reveal the technical details. But it is likely to be close to the Yep SUV, which has an electric motor mounted on the rear axle good for 68 hp and an LFP battery that promises up to 303 km of CLTC range. Further details are expected to be available soon.

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