Baojun Yep Unveiled in China

In September 2022, images & some initial details about Baojun’s first small 4×4 electric lifestyle off-road vehicle surfaced on the internet. And now we have the first official photos of the cute little off-roading EV called the Baojun Yep (YueYe in China).

Yep is targeted towards young car buyers who are fond of having a recreational vehicle to spend their weekends with camping & stuff. The small 4×4 EV measures just 3,381/1,685/1,721 with a 2,110 mm wheelbase and curb weight of just around 1,000 kg. Yep has 2 doors and is designated as a 4-seater, however, the rear seats are good enough to accommodate younger ones rather than adults.

Yup the Yep 1

In terms of styling the Baojun Yep features a boxy design language with squarish extruded wheel arches. The closed fascia gets dashed LED lights while the rear gets a similar design treatment with what looks like a mimicry of a spare wheel cover as in conventional off-road vehicles. Other details include a black A-pillar, roof rails, rugged bumpers, and sporty alloy wheels with colored brake calipers. Interior images are yet to be released.

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Under the skin, the new Baojun Yep has a single electric motor at the rear axle. This permanent magnet synchronous drive motor has a maximum power of 68 hp (50 kW) and a peak torque of 140 Nm. A dual-motor four-wheel drive version is reportedly on the way as well. Power is stored in a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery for 303 km of CLTC driving range.

Baojun Yep

The all-new Baojun Yep will have its public debut at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show next month. A formal launch in the Chinese car market is scheduled for May 2023.

Yup the Yep 2 800x600 1

Chinese automakers are rapidly capitalizing on the vacuum created by the absence of competitive Japanese vehicles as Japanese automakers continue to lose their plot in key markets. While failing to embrace electrification they are quickly losing a fair share of the market as the world is moving towards banning the sales of internal combustion engines. For example, Suzuki had all the opportunity with the Jimny, but instead of electrifying it, the Jimny got banned from sale in Europe due to poor emissions.

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After Baojun other Chinese automakers are likely to offer products that will compete with Yep, and thanks to their electric drivetrain, will be welcomed in key markets across the globe.

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