Wuling Unveils Cloud EV at IIMS 2024

Chinese automaker Wuling has unveiled its latest electric vehicle for Indonesia, the Cloud EV, at the ongoing 2024 Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS).

cloud ev

The Wuling Cloud EV is a battery-based electric hatchback that accommodates five passengers and boasts a range of up to 505 kilometers with a 50.6 kWh battery capacity. Commenting on its latest offering, Brian Gomgom, PR Manager at Wuling Motors, said:

“We hope that by showcasing the Wuling Cloud EV for the first time, we provide diverse choices for consumers. So, depending on the type of electric car they want, Wuling can offer it.”

Wuling is displaying a total of 13 vehicles, including both electric and internal combustion engine (ICE) cars, at IIMS 2024. For gasoline-based cars, Wuling is showcasing flagship models such as Almaz RS and Alvez.

Wuling Almaz RS and Alvez

Apart from the Cloud EV, Wuling has brought its entire lineup of electric vehicle models that are already available in the Indonesian market, including the Wuling Air EV and Binguo EV.

Air ev dan BinguoEV membawa Wuling menjadi brand EV No. 1 di Indonesia scaled
Wuling Binguo EV and Air EV

These models are crucial for the manufacturer in attracting consumers interested in electrified vehicles in Indonesia. Brian went on to explain:

“Besides the Cloud EV, we are also showcasing other electric cars, including the Air EV and Binguo EV. Both of these models were launched earlier, with the Air EV in August 2022 and the Binguo EV on December 15, 2023.”

Wuling plans to release the Cloud EV model to Indonesian consumers in the second quarter of 2024. The company is optimistic about the growth of the electric vehicle market in Indonesia, based on the positive response received from consumers. Wuling has yet to disclose details regarding the pricing.

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Brian saw a noteworthy increase in the number of electric vehicle owners in Indonesia after Wuling’s launch of the Air EV. Wuling has sold the same car model overseas in addition to meeting the needs of domestic consumers. He said:

“For the population of Wuling electric cars, it’s around 15,000, with the most dominant category being the Air EV as it was the first to be launched. Thanks to Air EV and then Binguo, Wuling has become the number one EV brand in Indonesia.”

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