Xiaomi’s First Car MS11 Leaked in China

It looks like the borderline between mobile phone making and automobile manufacturing is being diminished, at least in China. While carmakers like NIO and Geely are venturing into mobile phone manufacturing, Xiaomi the renowned Chinese smartphone maker is set to launch its first car.

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Xiaomi has been in the news regarding its first electric vehicle for quite some time now and images of heavily camouflaged test mules also appeared on the internet last year. It is now the first time that Xiaomi’s first car, the MS11 Modena has been leaked online thanks to completely undisguised images which were probably photographed while being displayed on a computer screen.

ms11 1

The images are very detailed and appear to show the real car instead of just a set of renderings. Of course, technical details aren’t available at the moment but as far as the images reveal us, we can see a car with Tesla Model 3-like dimensions having smooth styling devoid of any sharp creasing.

ms11 3

A horizontal DRL signature cuts the quad-LED light setups, all housed in a large thumbnail-like glass structure. Although no grille up front, there is an air dam located at the lower section of the bumper having twin slats surrounded by chromic bezels.

ms11 5

The MS 11 Modena also features a glass roof with a lidar sensor mounted above the windshield and a camera above the rear window. It has pop-out door handles and an all-black window frame. The profile shows a sloping roof which complements the look of a compact and rather sporty sedan. The rear end features slim connected tail lights, an embedded boot lid spoiler, and chiseled bumpers.

ms11 2

The car also wears nicely styled dual-tone alloys having mi logo at the center of the hub, while the image also reveals a large rotor and yellow-colored Brembo brake caliper.

ms11 4

According to reports, the Xiaomo MS11 Modena will use batteries provided by CATL and BYD. The electric motor will be built in-house by Xiaomi. The MS11 Modenaelectric sedan will likely make its debut towards the latter half of this year and is expected to go on sale in the Chinese car market somewhere during the first quarter of 2024.

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