10,000th Zeekr 007 Rolls Off the Production Line in China

Geely’s Zeekr brand has announced that the 10,000th Zeekr 007 sedan has rolled off the production line in China, the company revealed in its posts shared on Twitter and Weibo. The feat was achieved in just 56 days since the sedan went on sale in the Chinese market in December 2023.

As previously revealed by Zeekr, it received 51,569 orders in the 40 days since pre-sales kicked off at Guangzhou Auto Show in November 2023 leading up to the 007’s launch in December. This means Zeekr still has over 40,000 orders left to deliver. The company has ramped up production and as stated by Zeekr Vice President, Lin Jinwen, it aims to outpace the Tesla Model 3 (in China) this year.

ZEEKR 001 refresh 007

Among several cool features, the most prominent one is the 90-inch light strip which can communicate messages to other road users via more than 2,400 LED lights. The headlight beams can reach 189 meters.

zeekr007 10k 2b

Zeekr 007 offers a choice of two batteries, an in-house developed Golden Battery or the Qilin battery by CATL. The 75kWh Golden Battery is a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) unit which gives the Zeekr 007 a CLTC range of 688 km. More impressive still the battery can add a 500 km range to the 007 in just 15 minutes with a peak charging power of 500 kW. On the other hand, the 100kWh Qilin (NCM battery) equipped version gets an 870 km range. The 007 is also the first Zeekr to provide 800V architecture.

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The Zeekr 007 is offered in both all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive configurations. Both configurations share the same silicon carbide rear motor, 310 kW (440 Nm torque), found in the Zeekr 001 FR for maximum performance. The all-wheel drive variants add a front motor that produces an extra 270 Nm of torque, rated at 165 kW. This gives the AWD variant an acceleration time of 2.84 seconds, compared to 5.4 seconds for the RWD variant.

ZEEKR 007 hero

The Zeekr 007 is priced from 209,900 yuan ($29,200) for the base variant and goes as high as 299,900 yuan ($41,700). The Zeekr range is currently available for sale in China, while limited sales of the brand have already started in Europe, and Mexico is another destination for the brand in the North American market.

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