Geely’s Zeekr 007 Sedan Launched in China

The much-awaited Zeekr 007 electric sedan has been formally launched in China as a rival to the Tesla Model 3 and BYD Seal. Zeekr is a premium electric automobile brand owned by Chinese auto giant Geely. The company has already the 001 SUV as well as its performance version 001 FR, the Zeekr X electric hatchback, and the 009 luxury electric MPV in its product portfolio.

Due to its impressive styling, cutting-edge features, and state-of-the-art tech, the 007 was able to attract 51,569 orders in the last 40 days ever since its pre-sales started at the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show held last month.

zeekr 007 grey

007 has two different battery options: The 75 kWh lithium iron phosphate (LFP) Golden Brick Battery, developed in-house by Zeekr, has a maximum CLTC range of 688 km. It boasts the longest range of any LFP-powered sedan, according to the manufacturer. With Golden Battery, Zeekr 007 can replenish a 500 km range in just 15 minutes.

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The second option is the 100 kWh Qilin battery from CATL, which has a maximum range of 870 km and more expensive NMC chemistry with superior energy density. Zeekr claims that the battery can add 610 kilometers in 15 minutes, the fastest among mass-produced EVs, thanks to the 800V architecture.

The Zeekr 007 styling is based on the recently developed “Hidden Energy” design language, which was developed by Stefan Sielaff, a former Bentley designer who is currently Vice President of Global Design at Geely.

2024 Zeekr 007 China 3

One of the most interesting features of the 007 is a large 90-inch LCD screen on its fascia that can display graphics and messages for pedestrians and other drivers. Because the EV contains a speaker, the driver can also use it to converse with onlookers or create amusing preset sounds. During the launch, Zeekr made use of this functionality, decorating the street leading to the event with dozens of parked 007s whose LCD strips displayed the words “Show Time” and provided navigation to the venue.

Zeekr 007’s distinctive 90-inch screen on its fascia

Zeekr OS 6.0 runs the 007 cabin, which has 21 Dolby Atmos speakers, a rotatable 15.05-inch 2.5k OLED LCD, and a 35.5-inch AR-HUD. The Snapdragon 8295 processor from Qualcomm powers everything. According to Zeekr, is the first mass-produced EV with a vehicle-mounted satellite communication system.

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Zeek007 03

Regarding ADAS, the 007 will have Highway Navigation Zeekr Pilot (NZP) installed. Twelve high-definition cameras, five millimeter-wave radars, twelve ultrasonic radars, and a lidar are just a few of the numerous sensors that 007 possesses to feed data into NZP, which is processed by an Nvidia Orin X chip having up to 508 TOPS of computational power. Zeekr 007 also has “the most down-to-earth smart parking” according to the automaker.

Self-parking feature of Zeekr 007

As for power, the Zeekr 007 gets the same 310 kW silicon carbide rear motor as the performance-oriented Zeekr 001 FR. There are two powertrain options: RWD with this 310 kW (440 Nm torque) motor and AWD with an additional 165 kW front motor, providing a maximum output of 475 kW (637 hp) and peak torque of 710 Nm. The AWD takes just 2.84 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h, compared to 5.4 seconds for the RWD, which is extremely quick in its own respect.

Zeekr 007 prices

Available in 4 variants with 5 driving range options, the all-new Zeekr 007 in China is priced between 209,900 – 299,900 yuan ($29,400 – $42,000). Since Zeekr has already started selling vehicles in Europe, one can expect the 007 to reach the export destinations soon. Variant-wise pricing is as:

  • RWD 75 kWh
    • 688 km range
    • 209,900 yuan ($29,400)
  • RWD 75 kWh Smart (with ADAS)
    • 688 km range
    • 229,900 yuan ($32,200)
    • RWD 100 kWh Smart (with ADAS)
    • 870 km range
    • 259,900 yuan ($36,400)
  • AWD 75 kWh
    • 616 km range
    • 229,900 yuan ($32,200)
  • AWD 100 kWh Smart (with ADAS)
    • 770 km range
    • 259,900 yuan ($36,400)
  • AWD 100 kWh Performance (with ADAS)
    • 660 km range
    • 299,900 yuan ($42,000)
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