Former F1 Champion Joins Zeekr as Chief Performance Advisor

Former Formula 1 world champion Kimi Raikkonen has been named as the new chief performance advisor of Geely’s Zeekr sub-brand which specializes in electric vehicles (EVs). According to Zeekr on X (formerly Twitter), 44-year-old Raikkonen will be assigned to make the Zeekr 001 FR even “faster and stronger.”

Zeekr recently debuted the 001 FR, the performance version based on the Guinness World Record holder 001 EV. It boasts great performance and tests the boundaries of electric vehicles. Having a quad motor powertrain that generates 1,248 horsepower (930 kW) and 1,280 Nm of torque, the Zeekr 001 FR can sprint from 0-100 km/h in 2.36 seconds (from a standstill) and in 2.07 seconds “in a rolling start scenario.”

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The quad motor powertrain allows 001 FR for outstanding handling, with the car pulling 1.4 G’s lateral force in corners. The all-wheel-drive system is supplemented by the Zeekr Vectoring Control system to ensure power gets to where it is needed most, and peak torque at the wheels can reach 10,000 Nm when making a tank turn.

ZEEKR 001 FR 07

Zeekr 001 FR is Geely’s most powerful car to date. The company also claims 001 FR is the world’s fastest mass-produced car, which will be fine-tuned to become even better from the inputs from Kimi Raikkonen.  Production of the 001 FR has already begun, and each unit will reportedly sell for just under 1 million yuan. The performance EV will take on the Tesla Model S Plaid, which also retails for around the same price. Read more about the Zeekr 001 FR below:

The 1,248hp Beast, Zeekr 001 FR Debuts

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