Honda Prelude Returns as a Sporty EV Coupe Concept

After Integra, Japanese automaker Honda has resurrected another of its popular former nameplates with the unveiling of Prelude at the ongoing Tokyo Auto Show.

The concept debuts as a two-door coupe with an electric powertrain that previews future Honda EVs, specifically sports car variants that prioritize driver engagement and performance. It was already reported last year that the Honda Prelude might come back as an EV and here it is.

Although technical details haven’t been revealed by Honda at this stage, however, it is likely going to be one of Honda’s upcoming proprietary EVs rather than a shared GM-supplied platform like the upcoming Prologue crossover. There is also no prospect of seeing any kind of manual gearbox, not even a simulated one. This is because Honda’s CEO Toshihiro Mibe claimed that the company was not examining this approach and would instead use other performance indicators to bring exhilarating dynamics to its upcoming EVs.

prelude mibe

The Prelude concept is about as close to what you would expect a modern rendition of the coupe from the 1980s and 1990s to look like. Devoid of any outlandish styling elements, the Prelude EV concept features smooth styling and a very straightforward profile for a coupe, giving the vibes of Subaru BRZ/ Toyota GR86.

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The fascia looks reminiscent of that of Toyota’s hammerhead styling while the back features a slim unified light bar just underneath the integrated spoiler, running across the width of the car.

Honda Prelude EV concept

At this time, Honda has yet to reveal the technical details, including the car’s interior design and official launch schedule. Stay tuned for more information on the new Prelude EV.

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