Hyundai N74 Trademark Hints At Concept-Inspired Sports Car

It was reported earlier this year that Hyundai has given the green signal to the N Vision 74 Concept to go into production. Now, the South Korean carmaker has filed a trademark application with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) for the “N74” name, implying a probable new sports car inspired by the N Vision 74 concept car, which paid homage to a 1974 Pony concept.

The two-door show car with a hydrogen fuel cell and a dual-motor rear-wheel drive powertrain with 671 horsepower and 900 Newton-meters of torque was a sight to behold when it was first unveiled in July 2022.

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With this latest trademark filing, the South Korean carmaker pokes performance-hungry EV fans with the proverbial stick, but it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that a new car will be released as a result. Many automobile firms trademark numerous names, and while some of them find up on the trunk lid of a new car model, others spend years locked away in the companies’ archives so that other brands don’t have access to them.

However, if the N74 (or Pony coupe, as many have indicated), is put into production, it would likely be the most intriguing car created in the contemporary era and will be distinctive from the rest thanks to its retro-inspired wedge-shaped appearance.

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