13th Gen Toyota Corolla Imagined

Toyota Corolla is the best-selling nameplate in the world with over 50 million units sold since 1966. Currently, the Corolla is in its 12th generation which debuted back in April 2018 as a hatchback and in November 2018 in the sedan guise.

The 12th gen Corolla has already been blessed with a facelift in 2022 after having gone past halfway of its lifespan. Considering Toyota’s 6-year model generation life, the next generation model can surface in 2024– which is next year. Now independent digital artist Theottle has tried to envision the 13th generation Corolla, although keep in mind these are just imaginary renderings and there is nothing official from Toyota at this stage.

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Theottle’s imagination for 13th-gen Corolla actually utilizes Toyota’s latest styling language featuring the hammer-head fascia and combining elements from the Crown SUV concept and the production-spec Crown Crossover, to apply them to the more compact body of the Corolla. The color palette used is the same that comes with the latest Prius.

Next Gen Toyota Corolla Render front

The imaginary 13th-gen Toyota Corolla sedan looks more premium than the current model thanks to the sleeker surfacing, stretched wheelbase, a more steeply raked windshield, and full-width lighting units. The silhouette is more aerodynamic and looks sportier than the current iteration while bringing it closer to the latest breed of Toyota cars. The rear end of the imagination features a slightly revised styling, retaining the familiar light style of the current-gen Corolla but making it slimmer and connected to the other end, giving a full-width effect.

Next Gen Toyota Corolla Render rear

Toyota hasn’t shared any official details regarding the replacement of the 12th gen Corolla but it’s likely that we will begin seeing test mules somewhere during the first half of 2024.

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On the other hand, Toyota is still dragging the globally obsolete 11th-gen Corolla in Pakistan for almost a decade. Nobody knows for sure how many more years this generation of Corolla will be sold here, however, we might well be able to see the launch of the 12th-gen model once it gets replaced by the 13th-gen Corolla next year.

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