2024 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Debuts

Toyota has finally unveiled the all-new Land Cruiser Prado, dubbed the J250 Series. The new model has replaced the J150 series that debuted in 2009 and was around for more than 14 years.

In terms of appearance, the new Prado features a boxy, angular form with powerful wheel arches, a stepped beltline, thin pillars, and a high bonnet. The fascia of the J250 Series is available in two styles, the first influenced by the 70 Series and sporting round headlamps and turn signals at the edges. The alternative variant has a more modern look with smaller, angular headlamps, but both have the same rectangular grille, skid plate, and square-themed mesh over the intakes.

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The parallels extend along the sides, with huge side mirrors and black body cladding, however the retro-inspired variant gains roof rails and side stairs. Both have an identical taillight design and a skid plate situated just under a rugged boot lip in the back.

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Regardless of the fascia chosen, the interior design for the J250 Series is standard. According to Toyota, increased visibility was achieved by lowering the instrument panel top surface, the beltline, and a shorter mirror-to-mirror width. The Toyota Safety Sense suite of advanced driver assistance systems will be standard on the new Prado, as will three rows of seating.

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The new J250 Prado is based on the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) GA-F variant and shares its platform with the 300 Series Land Cruiser as well as the current Lexus GX and LX. As a result, the Prado improves on the previous model by 50 percent in frame rigidity and 30% in overall rigidity.

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The Japanese automaker claims that in order to build the Light Duty model, a “back to basics” strategy was used in order to produce a “simple and sturdy vehicle that can be trusted by customers to fulfill their lifestyle choices and practical needs.” Toyota also claims better suspension performance with improved wheel articulation, thanks to double wishbones at the front with twin-tube shocks and a multi-link rear with coil springs.

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The shift to electric power steering is a first for the Prado, as is the use of the Stabiliser Disconnect Mechanism (SDM) that enables the front stabilizer state to be changed via a switch to deliver driving performance and ride comfort when off-road and handling stability when on-road. Multi-Terrain Monitor and Multi-Terrain Select are other systems that help when traversing rough terrain.

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The new Prado is also a much larger vehicle when compared to its predecessor, measuring in at 4,925 mm long (+100 mm), 1,980 mm wide (+95 mm), 1,870 mm tall (+20 mm), and with a wheelbase of 2,850 mm (+60 mm). It is pertinent to mention that the Prado’s wheelbase is identical to the J300 Series Land Cruiser, and Lexus GX & LX, while its length and width are comparable to the aforementioned models. Historically, the Prado used to be smaller than the full-size Land Cruiser, but the latest model minimizes the size difference.

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The larger footprint is vital for the Prado’s maiden entry into the North American market where its simply marketed as the Land Cruiser (omitting the Prado moniker), and will replace the 200 Series Land Cruiser, which was discontinued in 2021. The Prado will also be available in Europe, with deliveries beginning in all regions in 2024.

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In terms of powertrains, the J250 Series Land Cruiser Prado has 5 options depending on the market in which it is sold. The off-road SUV is powered by a hybridized T24A-FTS 2.4L turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine with 326 hp and 630 Nm of torque, paired to an 8-speed Direct Shift-8AT gearbox for North America and China.

2024 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 250 Series debut USA 29 850x567

The engine for the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and selected markets is a non-hybridized T24A-FTS with 278 hp and 430 Nm, with a Direct Shift-8AT. Following that, Australia and Western Europe will receive a 1GD-FTV 2.8L inline-4 turbodiesel with a 48-volt mild hybrid system rated at 201 hp and 500 Nm with a Direct Shift-8AT.

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Western Europe also receives the 1GD-FTV without the mild hybrid system, but with the Direct Shift-8AT and identical outputs, with this combination being available in Eastern Europe, Japan, the Middle East, and other select markets. The final option is a 2TR-FE 2.7L naturally aspirated inline four-cylinder petrol engine good for 161 hp and 246 Nm. This engine is intended for Eastern Europe, Japan, and other unspecified regions, and it is combined with a 6-speed Super-ECT automatic gearbox.

2024 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 250 Series world debut event 7 850x445

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