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What if Supercar Blondie Review the Pak Suzuki Bolan

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Alexandra Mary Hirschi, best known as Supercar Blondie is a renowned Australian social media celebrity, video presenter and vlogger based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She is best known for her automotive videos, mostly about sports & exotic cars and enjoys handsome fan following on social media with 43 million followers on Facebook, 9.4 million followers on Instagram and over 7 million subscribers on YouTube.

According to Hirschi herself, she provides “insight into the supercar culture and what it’s like to drive these incredible cars in a light, fun way.” She is known among the Top 30 most influential women in the Arab world and has won multiple influencer accolades already. Her social presence is so dominating that big brands like Bugatti and Ferrari often advertise their products through her. Instead of being a typical automotive journalist, Hirschi usually posts short videos that highlight cool or unseen features of cars in a very captivating manner, with her focus usually on expensive luxury saloons, performance or exotic cars.


Interestingly, Hirschi was born on the 21st of September 1985 and is in fact 6 years younger than the 7th gen ST-90 Suzuki Carry aka Pak Suzuki Bolan which is still in production in Pakistan despite being over 42 years old. More interestingly, the 7th gen Carry was replaced by the 8th generation model in March 1985, six months before the Supercar Blondie was born.

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While Hirchi does a lot of videos about performance & exotic cars, covering Pak Suzuki Bolan and highlighting its endless list of features & equipment will indeed be a very interesting thing to fantasize. More importantly a price tag of over Rs 1 million for a 42-years old piece of history will be mind boggling for the Blondie. So what will be the reaction of Hirschi and which features will she highlight in the Suzuki Bolan, well at least we can imagine…

We’re now LIVE in Pakistan… for the first time yeah… and its a big big surprise for me to see this… car??? Guess what? Its called a Bow-Laaan.. It looks like a very old generation of Suzuki Carry that’s usually sold in this part of the world. But to my surprise its a 42 years old car… yeah forty two years old… gosh its even older than I am!

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key bolanOk so are you ready to explore this thing with us, can’t wait… To begin with it has a key… a key! a traditional key which I saw in history books only. I don’t remember when was the last time I opened a car with such a primitive key but hey wait… there is no key opener on the passenger side door? What..? Are you kidding me? No key opener on the front passenger door??… lol.. Guess I will have to go to the other side of the door so that I can unlock this…. thing… ewww!

So now I am on the other side, because its a right hand drive car so I have to be on the right side of the car to open it but its strange it doesn’t even have a key opener on the other door. How do they manage to enter the car if its blocked by another closely parked car, I have absolutely no idea! Well.. forget about it lets… uhhhh putting all my force to twist this thing to open up and tadaaaa…. the door is opened.

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Oh no, whats this? no insulation, no floor carpeting and the seats as hard as a rock! Uhhh I can hardly manage myself to get in but there is no seat adjustment (looking here & there), how do they drive this thing? And the steering, oh my God and… (laughs) look at that dashboard.. Oh Gawd I don’t believe it, even a toy car has better steering and materials than this. The meter has nothing to show except for a dial, was that even necessary for them to equip this thing with a dial? I really don’t think so.

And its so hot here I can’t even operate the air-condition since it doesn’t have one.. but hey, it doesn’t even have a fan and they have covered the vents with plastic..a very cheap plastic.. really I can’t believe it.. Its as if I am back in 1970s and not 2021 but I have seen cars from 70s and I can swear they are gazillion times better than this Bow-Laan.. And look at this, I have to manually roll down windows with this funny looking thing made from cheap crude plastic… and just look at this door trim… absolutely pathetic.


Ok now its time to crank up the engine, which they say is under my seat… lol yeah…. (starts the engine) and it sounds crazy.. (laughs)… not just that it sounds crazy the sort of vibration it gives in my whole body is… oh Gawd… (laughs)… unbelievable.. hats off for the company to keep making this thing even today but just look at this thing… its terrible.


Lets try to drive around this thing…. oh my God.. its terrible… awww just look at how all the things are dancing in the car and its yet to cross 10 km/h. And the drive position is so awful… its so cramped and its terrible to be able to maneuver this thing… Oh my… no power steering in 2021, how much would it cost to add one to this vehicle? And the brakes… ohhhh… oh my legs are already in pain… you need to press it hard… ahhh so hard to be able to bring this car to a halt..

Bolan fam

They say it cost you more than one million Pakistani rupees to buy this thing… I can’t believe it… one million for this? it doesn’t even have a proper safety shell, no airbags or brake assistance, no pre-tensioned seatbelts, no rear window wiper, no defroster, no intermittent wipers, no retract side mirrors, no anti-glare rear view mirror, it even has no carpeting or no insulation, no key on the other side, not even a fan… are you kidding me and one million, and even no alloy wheels? lol and people buy this thing like crazy… only happens in this part of the world.

Bolan 3

Uhhh… okay enough on the driving seat, let’s go back and check the back compartment. (Gets out…) You need to slide down this door but first you have to… ahh push this button with all your might… and then…. uhh slide it to open using all your force…. there is no easier way to open this thing. And look whats inside, nothing? just a bench seat… nothing else? Oh God… I’m dead…. this thing is for one million rupees… crazy! absolutely crazy!

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It has an obsolete 797cc engine which they say is Euro-II compliant, lol… euro two… I guess that was phased out when, in 1999? But more astonishingly they say they never brought about any change to this vehicle and it has been like this for over four decades.. In fact the original Suzuki Carry back in the 70s was better equipped than this Bow-Laan in 2021. Unbelievable… and how many stars for crash safety? What..? they don’t test cars here… oh no… are you kidding me… I’m out of this world already…. gosh!


But to be honest, if I could give this car an award, I would love to… and the company.. well it deserves a standing ovation for selling this thing in a million rupees when actually this car looks as if it has been put together in less than Rs 200,000…. seriously. And before we wrap it up, I wanna congratulate all of you for keep buying this thing in this day & age… that too for over Rs 1 million.

Bolan SC

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