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Suzuki Carry (Bolan & Ravi) Becomes 42 Years Old

The 7th generation Suzuki Carry debuted in Japanese domestic market in March 1979. Few months later, the export versions began rolling off the assembly lines in August 1979, which means today in August 2021 the Carry is officially 42 years old.

Carry brochure ho

Although by 1985 the 7th gen Carry was replaced by the 8th gen model in Japan but even after all these years it remains in production in Pakistan in both pickup & minivan forms, named as Ravi and Bolan respectively. And apart from a fuel injected engine & some minuscule cosmetic changes to the front-end of the vehicle, the Carry (Ravi & Bolan) remain almost entirely unchanged.

Interior of 2021 Suzuki Bolan that cost PKR 10.34 lac

Being in production for 4 decades, Pak Suzuki has the courage to price this ancient piece of history at PKR 10.49 lac (Bolan) and PKR 10.34 lac (Ravi)– that’s right, you need to be a millionaire to buy one. Not to mention how many features Pak Suzuki has taken away from this invention, while the built quality is to die for– quite literally.

The quality of new Suzuki Bolan

You do realize this when you take a look at the original Suzuki Carry that came into existence back in 1979. It was way better built and better equipped than what Pak Suzuki produces today.

Carry all

The Japan assembled 1979 Suzuki Carry came equipped with better seats, better upholstery, beige interior, floor carpeting, chrome door handles, chrome linings, key lock at passenger side door, fan/ heater, radio cassette player with telescopic whip antenna, back wiper and rear windshield defrosters etc, all of which have been stripped off the local assembled Bolan which continues to be sold even after 40 years against mind boggling price at PKR 10.49 lac. Ironically Pak Suzuki still ‘assembles’ the duo and even after 40+ years is yet to be able to produce one locally.

Then vs Now- Bipasha Basu

One of the better ways to realize how old the 7th gen Carry is, to have a look at those things which came into existence in 1979, such as the popular Bollywood diva Bipasha Basu who was born in 1979 too. Looking at her picture from the past & comparing that with today’s, one may realize how time can take its toll. She has grown from an infant to a teenager, to a rising star & now being 42 years ‘old’ is probably at the twilight of her career, however the Carry duo in Pakistan is still called ‘brand new’.

The Carry is currently in its 11th generation which was unveiled at the 27th Indonesia International Motor Show and as per reports will be exported to nearly 100 countries across the globe. Nobody knows for how long Pak Suzuki is going to continue with the 7th gen Carry, however only time will tell whether Pakistan is included in those lucky 100 markets where the 11th gen Suzuki Carry is supposed to be launched. At this point, all we can do is to wish Ravi & Bolan a very happy 42nd birthday!

The current generation Suzuki Carry van & pickup

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