Why the 4th gen Swift is Better than the Previous Generations?

The 4th generation Suzuki Swift made its global debut back in December 2016 and was available for sale in January 2017. Since then the popular hatchback has already reached most markets across the globe.

Last week the production of new Swift commenced in Thailand and India, after which the hatchback is now being manufactured in 3 countries including the Sagara Plant in Japan. The 4th gen Swift is currently being exported to regions including Europe, Oceania, and Latin America. By producing the new Swift globally in three production hubs of Japan, India, and Thailand, and exporting from each country, Suzuki seeks to expand the sales of the new Swift in more countries and regions.

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In Pakistan the Swift is still in its 2nd generation that was first unveiled globally in 2004 and was phased out in 2010, the same year (2010) when Pak Suzuki blessed us with the out-gone model. Today the Swift in Pakistan is a 14 year old car and sits at the bottom of domestic sales chart with an average of around 300 units a month.

The 14 year old PakSuzuki Swift

There is obviously no comparison between the current 4th gen Swift versus the 14 year old 2nd gen one that we have here, however the 4th gen Swift is said to be a huge improvement & has a lot to offer over the 3rd gen it replaced in global markets. Here are a few notable improvements the 4th gen Swift offers:

Modern Design:

The Suzuki Swift has an evolutionary redesign for its fourth generation to get a mature look with more angular front and rear fascias and boasts a modern, unique and sportier design language. Unlike its predecessor the 3rd gen, the design of which was an evolution of the radical 2nd generation styling with a longer and more rounded appearance.

The 4th gen Suzuki Swift measures 3,840 mm in length, 1,695 mm in width and 1,500 mm/1,525 mm in height, and has a wheelbase of 2,450 mm. The new Swift also distinguishes itself with unusually placed rear door handles which makes the vehicle appear like a sporty three door hatchback.

Lighter Weight:

The 4th generation Swift is based on the new Heartect platform making it lighter by about 85kgs than its predecessors. Due to a lighter bodyweight, the new Swift delivers better performance and fuel efficiency figures.

Downsized & Powerful Engines:

Unlike the previous generations with bigger 1.3 & 1.6 liter power plants under the hood, the new Swift carries power packed & efficient units with smaller engine displacements. There is a 1.0 liter BoosterJet, 1.2 liter DualJet and 1.3 liter DDiS diesel engine option.

In addition the new Swift also has hybrid versions available in certain markets. There are two hybrid variants, Hybrid SG and Hybrid SL in addition to the mild-hybrid versions already available called Hybrid ML and Hybrid RS which features Suzuki’s mild-hybrid SHVS system.

CVT and AMT Transmission:

Other than manual the 4th gen Swift comes with CVT or an AMT transmission with Auto Gear Shift technology depending on the market where it sells. The main benefit of CVT Transmission is the efficiency it can offer, along with a maximized fuel economy.

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Another benefit of the CVT is noticed when driving up steep inclines.  Normal automatic transmissions can sometimes struggle under heavy load, where the CVT can almost immediately find the exact ratio needed to seamlessly provide power without ever shifting.  These seamless shifts are another benefit to the driver, as they can offer extremely smooth rides without ever really feeling the vehicle ‘shift’.

On the other hand, the clutch-less AMT transmission is basically a manual transmission with a transmission control unit (TCU) that actuates the hydraulics to shift the gears, allowing the driver to switch between manual and automatic gear shifts, whenever desired.

Excellent Fuel Economy:

Thanks to lighter body weight and powerful engines under the hood, the new Swift posts excellent fuel economy figures.

VariantConsumptionTest Cycle
1.2L Petrol MT22 km/literARAI
1.2L Petrol AMT22 km/literARAI
1.2L Diesel MT28.4 km/literARAI
1.2L Diesel AMT28.4 km/literARAI
1.2L Hybrid32.0 km/literJC08


Improved Interior:

The 4th gen Suzuki Swift features a completely revamped interior with a new multi-function 3-spoke, flat-bottomed steering wheel and redesigned dashboard, instrument panel, center console, HVAC vents, gearshift lever and central tunnel. There’s a new infotainment system integrated into the dashboard, and features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration compatibility.

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Although Pak Suzuki has launched a couple of new cars in recent times, the Vitara compact SUV, the Ciaz sedan and the Celerio (Cultus) hatchback, the 2nd generation Swift continues to be sold despite hopeless sales figures. Do you think Pak Suzuki should replace the aging Swift with a newer generation model? Let us know with the comments.

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