5 Best-Selling EVs of the World in 2022

Global battery electric vehicle (BEV) sales surged 78% year-over-year in March to 666,000 units as the world auto industry continues its transition away from internal combustion engines (ICE).

Tesla remains the global EV market leader, accounting for about 20.7% of all the world’s BEV sales so far in 2022. However, Tesla is facing unprecedented EV competition this year, and Elon Musk and company will have to battle against some very impressive new EV models.

Tesla Y
Tesla Model Y

According to the data, the top 5 bestselling EVs of the world so far during year 2022 are:

  • Tesla Model Y: 169,682 units
  • Tesla Model 3: 127,936 units
  • Wuling HongGuang Mini: 100,361 units
  • BYD Dolphin (EA1): 29,672 units
  • BYD Han: 29,192 units

While the top 2 slots belong to Tesla, the remaining 3 positions all belong to Chinese automakers, two of which are occupied by BYD and one by SAIC Motors.

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Since 2020, Tesla’s share of the global BEV is down only 1.4%, while China’s BYD’s share went up by 3.6% to reaching 9.6% overall. China is currently by far the largest global EV market. There have been 905,108 BEVs sold in China so far this year, more than five times the 159,337 BEVs sold in the U.S.

2022 BYD Han EV front three quarter

As reported earlier, Tesla recently achieved another quarterly record of EV deliveries with 310,048 units sold in Q1, 2022 which is huge compared to other manufacturers. It was followed by China’s BYD the EV sales of which increased by staggering 271% year-over-year to 143,224 units in Q1, 2022. Volkswagen Group slipped from second to third place with just 99,100 units sold during the discussed period.

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