Ambassador Re-Imagined As a Modern Sedan

The Hindustan Ambassador is a legendary automobile from India that is regarded as one of, if not the most significant vehicle ever sold in the neighboring country. Since the partition, it was the preferred form of transport for politicians and affluent businessmen.

Originally based on the Morris Oxford series III model that was produced between 1956 and 1959, the Ambassador was a household name in India with the vehicle serving as a family car, taxi, police, various government fleets, and even ministerial use. Hindustan Motors began producing the Ambassador in 1957, and the model was produced till 2014. Then the long-running model had to be retired due to stricter pollution and safety standards.

Recently, digital artist Amol Satpute has produced a representation of what this renowned Indian motoring legend would look like in the modern era and posted it on Instagram. The artist has given the classic car a very modern twist, creating something that seems well ahead of its time. The renders visualize the new Ambassador significantly lengthened, and despite looking futuristic, it retains many design characteristics from the original Ambassador.

New Ambassador imagined!

The front and back of the car are good examples of design inspiration taken from the original model. We can see the distinctive circular headlight design from the previous automobile in the new representations as LED DRLs. The positioning of the lights differs from the original car, but the essence is retained throughout the front end. The artist has also placed two more DRLs at the usual headlight position in the new renderings, as well as a more modern-looking grille.

Moving on to the sides, the artist has created a very futuristic interpretation of the famous model’s fender humps at the front and back. The back doors on this reinvented car, appear to be much more flush, and the entire appearance gives the impression of a two-door vehicle. The modeled car also has a thick strip of chrome garnish and some attractive multispoke alloy wheels done in black with silver stripes. The car’s A-pillar also appears to float, lending it an avant-garde appearance.

The rear end features a modernized version of the legendary model’s back taillights. The new car’s overall rear-end appearance is more squared off, with a large Ambassador lettering in the center. It also has a chrome strip at the bottom of the rear, making it look even more luxurious.

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If the company decides to resurrect this legend, it may serve as design inspiration for the production model. Last year there were some reports suggesting that the Ambassador might come back to life as an electric vehicle, however, the project is yet to take shape.

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