Audi Q2- Global Launch Expected By August 2016

In March 2016, Audi unveiled the Q2 at the Geneva Motor Show that didn’t look like a “same design different length” Audi. The Q2, is company’s first small crossover; an SUV for the new generation.

The Q2 has plenty of Audi design hallmarks, but morphed into an altogether more fun and youthful figure, with sharp lines and folds that give it a distinctive cut for an SUV. It’s gunning for the younger crowd, trying to cut-down the likes of the Mini Countryman and Nissan Juke on the way, while avoiding the high-flying price tag of something larger like the Range Rover Evoque. And based on looks, Audi seems very much on the right track.

The front of the Q2 is flat and upright, tall like an SUV should be, with a full-depth grille dominating the front. But it’s the sides that are so much more interesting: all chiseled, with big shoulder chamfers and metal folds that give a modern twist on an otherwise familiar shape.

Rear end is the sister company Volkswagen inspired, as the rear lamps look rather VW Polo in appearance. But they’re distinctive and give that futuristic look and feel, without going too crazy.


On the inside Audi has delivered a variety of technological options to take the driving experience of Q2 to the next-level. Audi’s tech formula comprises of an optional Audi Virtual Cockpit digital driver display – which can be adjusted between satellite navigation, media, driving info,  through to the easy-to-use Audi MMI (multi-media interface) with its 8.4-inch dash-mounted screen alongside twist-dial and button controls to the center tunnel.

The technology isn’t just about media and navigation though, as Audi is pushing hard on the automated driving assists front. We’ve seen the full-on Audi Piloted Driving experience in a custom A7 model on a German autobahn, and while the Q2 doesn’t have all that technology on board, it does come with some of the stepping-stone ones that will eventually get us there.


Traffic jam assist and Lane assist serve as the ultimate combination in cruise control. The two technologies are activated separately via single button presses to their respective lever controls below the indicator lever. Traffic jam assist monitors the car in front, keeping a set distance and speed, auto braking to a halt as required in traffic. While Lane assist keeps you in lane, taking over the car’s steering to scoot you comfortably around any bends.

There are a variety of engine options available, which will differ depending on region, ranging from the 1.0-litre TFSi with 6-speed manual gearbox, through to the 1.4-litre top-spec petrol option which also adds the 7-speed S-Tronic auto gearbox. On the diesel front there are 1.6-litre and 2.0-litre options, the top-spec model offering Quattro four-wheel drive options and, therefore, higher torque ratio from that engine.

The Audi Q2 will be officially launched in August, with prices starting at £20,230 (equivalent to PKR 27.2 lac). If Audi Pakistan is able to launch this car in a similar price range, it will be a great success in our market & can give some tough time to the likes of Honda HR-V, Honda Vezel & Nissan Juke.


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