Changan’s NEV Brand Deepal Unveils All-New SUV

Changan’s NEV brand Deepal has unveiled the first official photos of its newest product in the lineup— a hardcore off-road SUV called G318 which is named after the 318 highway section in China that connects the Sichuan province with Tibet. Deepal brand was launched in the Chinese market in 2022 with two models in the lineup, however recently the brand was introduced in Thailand marking its entry into overseas markets.

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Positioned as a medium-sized SUV, the Deepal G318 measures 4,750/1,959/1,820 mm with a wheelbase of 2,880 mm. The dimensions are very much similar to the 3rd-gen Kia Sorento we have here. In terms of design, the G318 SUV adopts an overall boxy silhouette featuring a closed fascia up front, C-shaped LED headlights, and rugged bumpers.

Deepal G318 SUV

There are other typical SUV elements such as black claddings and wheel arches, roof rails, and a series of roof lights mounted on top. Other styling features are hidden door handles, door-mounted wing mirrors, petal-shaped rims on chunky tires, an externally-mounted spare wheel at the back, and a minimalist tail lamp design.

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Interior and technical details are yet to be revealed. What is known at this point is that the G318 will have a 1.5L engine that will act as a range extender. It will have two electric motors with a rated power of 35 kW and 60 kW powering all wheels. The Deepal G318 will get two LFP battery variants: 18.4 kWh and 35.1 kWh. Furthermore, the SUV will support towing and tank turn mode to let the vehicle turn 360 degrees on its spot.

Further information is likely to become available with time. Once launched, the Deepal G318 will compete against the likes of the GWM Tank SUVs and the BYD FangchenBao. And considering Deepal’s global expansion plans it might also be offered in export markets.

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