GWM Tank 700 Hi4-T Ready to Go on Sale in China

GWM (Great Wall Motors) is all set to launch the Tank 700 Hi4-T in China. Tank is a high-end off-road brand under the GWM umbrella and already has Tank 300 and Tank 500 in its product portfolio, both SUVs are already available in Chinese domestic as well as export markets.

In January of this year, GWM applied for a sales license for the petrol-powered Tank 700 model in China. However, it has yet to move into mass production. It now appears that GWM has decided to exclusively sell PHEVs for its domestic market while the gasoline versions will be marketed abroad.

GWM Tank700 Hi4-T

For now, GWM opened pre-sales for the limited version of the Tank 700 Hi4-T at the Guangzhou Auto Show. The production run is limited to just 70 units. The special edition Tank 700 Hi4-T has a large radiator grille, wide fenders, sporty bumpers, and a rear roof spoiler. The SUV measures 5,110 mm long, 2,122 mm wide, and 1,986 mm tall with a wheelbase of 3,000 mm. For reference, the current Toyota Land Cruiser Prado we have here is 4,825 mm long, 1,885 mm wide, and 1,890 mm with a 2,790 mm wheelbase, which means the Tank 700 is way larger than the Prado in every aspect.

Tank700 sketch

The limited edition Tank 700 Hi4-T PHEV however is different than the regular versions shown so far. First, it has wider front and rear tracks: 1,800 and 1,813 mm respectively. For comparison, the regular version of the Tank 700 has 1,742 and 1,757 mm front and rear tracks.

Tank700 Hi4T 1
Tank700 Hi4-T Limited Edition

Plus, the regular Tank 700 Hi4-T has a more modest exterior styling with a smaller grille and bumpers, while the limited edition is quite aggressively styled and wears golden alloy wheels, golden decorative trims, and golden emblems on an all-black paint to stand out from the lot. It also features extended bumpers, bonnet scoops, roof rails & spoilers making it way more aggressive looking compared to the regular version.

Tank700 Hi4T 2
Tank700 Hi4-T Limited Edition

Under the hood, there is a 3.0L twin-turbo V6 for 360 hp that works in tandem with an electric motor for a combined power output of 517 hp and a staggering 750 Nm. The Tank 700 Hi4-T limited edition is priced at 700,000 yuan ($98,100), however, the regular version will offer a more affordable price tag. It will formally go on sale in the Chinese domestic market in early 2024, and will likely reach export destinations thereafter.

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