Changan’s Deepal Brand Sets a New Record Selling 100,000 Units in 14 months

With the quickest sales to date among Chinese automakers, Changan’s electric vehicle brand, Deepal (Shenlan in Chinese), broke all previous records by selling over 100,000 units in just 14 months since its inception. More interestingly, the brand achieved the 50,000 units milestone in 9 months, and the rest of the 50,000 were sold within 5 months only.

Deepal brand was launched in April last year with the first model, SL03 started sales in July 2022. The EV got off to a flying start receiving over 10,000 orders in 33 minutes of the opening day. In December, the battery-powered sedan set a record, when it delivered 10,000 units in a month just 5 months after it started sales.

Deepal S7 1 2

The record didn’t last very long as Deepal began a large-scale rollout of the second model, the S7 at the end of June 2023. The first 10,000 units were delivered within a little more than a month of the S7 electric SUV’s launch.

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Deepal intends to introduce six product series over the following three years in accordance with the brand’s strategy, which was unveiled in June of this year. Two new series will be introduced each year, totaling 12 new and updated models. By 2025, the Changan-owned brand hopes to sell 1.5 million units. Making a name for itself as the top manufacturer of range extenders (EREVs) will also be a priority for the company.

changan sl03 performance

There are currently two models offered by the company, the SL03 electric sedan and the S7 electric SUV. Last month, Deepal delivered 14,736 units out of which S7 was the biggest contributor with 10,039 units. August was also the second month in a row where Deepal delivered over 10,000 units. With the current pace, the emerging brand is set to surpass the 200,000 units milestone within the next 10 months.

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