Changan Qiyuan A07 Electric Sedan Debuts in China

The all-new Changan Qiyuan A07 electric sedan has finally made its debut in China. First revealed in April of this year, the Qiyuan A07 is seen as Changan’s answer to the likes of the Tesla Model 3 and BYD Seal EV.

Changan already has two NEV brands: Deepal and Avatr in China and the Qiyuan is just another addition to it. While the A07 electric sedan is the first model in the Qiyuan lineup, Changan will launch at least 4 more Qiyuan EVs by 2025 according to information.

A07 11

As seen in earlier images, the A07 boasts a very sleek and fluid design language featuring a thin LED lights strip, frameless doors, retractable door handles, five-spoke 19-inch alloys, and a sloped roof line. The rear end also gets simpler styling with slim full-width connected tail lamps, an embedded ducktail spoiler, and a rear bumper with a simple diffuser element.

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In terms of dimensions, the Qiyuan A07 measures 4,905/1,910/1,480mm with a generous 2,900mm wheelbase. In comparison, the Tesla Model 3’s wheelbase is relatively shorter at 2,875mm which means the Qiyuan A07 will have a comparatively better interior space for the occupants.

A07 side

The Qiyuan A07’s interior features a flat-bottomed two-spoke steering wheel behind which there is a Face-ID sensor and a gear shifter (drive selector). Additionally, the Qiyuan lacks a conventional instrument panel as all the information is displayed as HUD (head-up display). For many Chinese automakers, it is a very trendy design and something quite in fashion.

A07 hud

There is a large 15-inch floating touchscreen mounted on the dashboard which also allows various vehicle operations to be controlled as there are literally no physical buttons on the dash. A central tunnel with two wireless phone charging stations and two cup holders can be seen underneath the screen. It’s important to note that the A07’s inside is trimmed with a lovely oak accent. Microfiber is used to cover the roof and front pillars of the structure. The interior comes in two-color combinations depending on the variant.

Changan A07 interior color options

Riding on Changan’s EPA1 platform which also underpins the Shenlan SL03, the A07 sedan comes in pure-electric as well as EREV (range extender) versions. The EREV has a 1.5L self-aspirated four-cylinder ICE for 88 hp. While its power output looks puny, you should keep in mind that it doesn’t transfer any torque to the wheels. Instead, it acts like a generator, charging the battery. As for the electric motor, it generates 218 hp which is more than enough for a car of this size. On the other hand, the all-electric version has two optional e-motors for 218 and 258 hp. As for the battery, it is also available in two guises: a 58 kWh version that delivers up to 515 km of CLTC drive range and an 80 kWh version that runs for up to 710 km.

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While the company is yet to officially reveal the prices, it’s rumored to fall around 200,000 yuan (approx $27,800 USD). Keep in mind Tesla Model 3 in China is priced at 229,900 yuan ($33,899) with a CLTC range of 556 km.

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