Qiyuan A07 EV- Changan’s Answer to Tesla Model 3 and BYD Seal

Changan has unveiled the new A07 electric sedan placed under the new Qiyuan (启源) electric brand. The Qiyuan A07 will take on the likes of the Tesla Model 3, BYD Seal, and Xpeng P7 in the Chinese electric car market.

At the moment, Changan Automobile is the owner of the Changan, Shenlan, Avatr, and Kaicene brands. Changan said that it would introduce a new mainstream electric series called the OX series, which is now known as Qiyuan, at its worldwide partner conference held in January of this year. Insider sources claim that Changan Automobile’s Qiyuan brand is positioned similarly to Geely Geometry and below Changan’s Shenlan brand.

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The Qiyuan A07 wears a sedan-coupe exterior styling. Its simpler front fascia has a through-type light strip above which is where you can see the brand logo. The side features frameless doors and flush door handles. The rear end also gets simpler styling with slim full-width connected tail lamps, an embedded ducktail spoiler, and a rear bumper with a simple diffuser element.

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The A07 sedan measures 4,905/1,910/1,480mm with a generous 2,900mm wheelbase. The Tesla Model 3’s wheelbase is relatively shorter at 2,875mm which means the Qiyuan A07 will have a comparatively better interior space for the occupants.

Changan’s Qiyuan A07 electric sedan

The Qiyuan A07 rides on the Changan EPA1 platform, offering hybrid and pure electric models with an extended range. The pure electric version will have a 160 kW or 190 kW electric motor and will be powered by CATL’s ternary lithium batteries. The hybrid version will have a 1.5L four-cylinder engine producing 70kW, a 160kW drive motor, and a CATL-supplied 28.9kWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack with a pure electric cruising range of 170km.

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According to China’s MIIT data. the Qiyuan A07 will have radars, 360° cameras, and massage seats, and will run on 18 or 19-inch wheels depending on the variant. The Qiyuan A07 is expected to go on sale in the Chinese car market towards the third quarter of this year. More details will be shared as & when available.

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