Changan Begins Pre-Sales of Shenlan SL03 EV in China

In April, Changan unveiled a new NEV (New Energy Vehicles) brand in China, with Shenlan SL03 (formerly C385) being the first electric car under the new brand.

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The SL03 has now appeared at the ongoing Chongqing Auto Show in China and is ready for pre-sale against a starting price of 179,800 yuan (PKR 56.0 lac).

Shenlan SL03 01

The Changan Shenlan SL03 is another joint project between Changan New Energy, CATL, and Huawei. The trio has already worked together to develop Avatr and Changan Lumin. Set to rival against the Tesla Model 3, The Shenlan SL03 is based on the EPA1 platform and positioned as a compact mainstream sedan measuring 4,820mm long, 1,890 mm wide and 1,480 mm tall with a wheelbase of 2,900 mm. It is 106 mm longer than Tesla Model 3 while its wheelbase is 25 mm longer.

Changan’s Shenlan SL03 EV

As seen in earlier posts, the Shenlan SL03 boasts an aerodynamic design with a masculine profile, sporty fascia, pop-out door handles and an attractive rear end with connecting lights. The interior boasts huge 14.6-inch screen that can turn right or left, a sporty steering wheel with a flat bottom, a wireless phone charging pad, two cup holders and perforated leather seats.

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The Shenlan SL03 EV will be initially available in two versions. The first one has a 160-kW (218 hp) electric motor mounted at the rear axle. The second version is more powerful and offers 190 kW (258 hp) and will power both axles. Changan is yet to share more technical details about the SL03 however its EV range is 700 km (CLTC) while the EREV’s range reaches 1,200 km (CLTC).

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Price of SL03 starts from 179,800 RMB (PKR 56.0 lac) which is way less than the starting price of the rival Tesla Model 3 in China which is 290,000 RMB (PKR 90.34 lac). The price of top-spec variant reaches 231,800 RMB (PKR 72.21 lac). Changan will formally launch the Shenlan SL03 in China in July 2022.

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