Hyundai Redefines “Movement” via Mobion Concept at 2024 CES

Hyundai’s auto parts group Hyundai Mobis has unveiled the new Mobion concept at the 2024 CES. Based on the Hyundai Ioniq 5, the Mobion features a unique design with new bumpers and lighting units that can be used to convey information to pedestrians and other drivers.

The concept also sports a new ground projection system, which can “illuminate the vehicle’s direction on the ground, utilizing lights across a 360-degree spectrum.” The system can even project crosswalk stripes to show pedestrians where to walk.

Hyundai redefining “movement” with Mobion concept

However, the real purpose of the concept is to showcase the next-generation e-Corner System. Hyundai Mobis did not provide specifics, but the technology consists of an electric motor combined with suspension, braking, and steering capabilities. This allows every wheel to function separately from the others.

Hyundai Mobis Mobion Concep 1024x576

It’s also important to note that the Mobis concept may pivot and move sideways, diagonally, and swivel due to the wheels’ ability to revolve inwards. A 360-degree spin is another ability of the model. Finally, two short-range lidar sensors that are placed close to the headlights are part of the concept’s hardware. An apparent long-distance lidar sensor mounted in the front fascia connects them. According to Hyundai Mobis, this configuration proves particularly valuable for lateral movement and effectively recognizing nearby objects, especially during maneuvers such as changing lanes diagonally.

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In a statement, Hyundai Mobis Vice President Lee Seung-Hwan said the Mobion concept “represents the embodiment” of their “core technologies, all of which are ready for immediate mass production.” With this, one can assume to see this technology deployed in the upcoming breed of Hyundai cars soon.

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