Avatr 12 Sedan Goes on Sale in China

Avatr brand was launched in 2021 by Changan in collaboration with technology giant Huawei and battery maker CATL, thereby tapping China’s increasingly competitive new energy vehicle (NEV) ring. It is the best example of how automobile manufacturers and technology companies are teaming up to meet fast-evolving demand from tech-savvy car buyers.

The company has just launched its second car, the Avatr 12 (pronounced “one-two”) which is priced between 300,800 yuan – 400,800 yuan ($42,100 – $54,800) in China. Previously Avatr 11 (one-one) was the only vehicle in the company’s product portfolio. Since November, the Avatr 12 sedan has received more than 20,000 orders while deliveries to the customers have already started.

avatr12 01

Avatr has a design center in Munich, Germany, where the 12 was created, so the European touch in the styling is pretty obvious. It is a large sedan, measuring 5,020/1,999/1,460 mm with a wheelbase of 3,020 mm. Even larger than the D-segment Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, or Hyundai Sonata. The sleek four-door coupe looks like a sedan but has a hatchback at the rear and a so-called Halo Display on the hood, which is a black panel LED display that enables the vehicle to communicate with people outside the vehicle.

avatr12 07

Inside, the minimalist dual-tone luxury interior features a large 35.4″ LCD screen that is stretched from driver to passenger, as well as a 15.6″ central multimedia system that also acts as a primary control screen, since there are hardly any operational buttons on the dashboard. The screen is surrounded by two more monitors that project images from the side view cameras.

Avatr 12 interior

Above, an electrochromic glass roof can be switched between states to make it opaque or transparent at the flick of a switch, and there are invisible air vents, as well as zero-gravity seats. The vehicle is powered by Huawei’s cabin SW HarmomyOS 4. The interior also features two wireless charging pads, and a pair of cup holders, while the gear selector sits right behind the oval-shaped multi-function sporty steering wheel.

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Other interesting electrically-powered doors, digital rearview mirrors, hidden door handles, frameless windows, R21 wheels with Brembo brakes, no rear window but a roofline that flows into a hatchback. According to Nader Faghihzadeh, the brand’s Chief Design Officer:

“In a world where products are mere objects, Avatr is a friend – a mirror to your aspirations, a vessel for your essence, and a partner for your journey.”

The Avatr 12 sedan is available in powertrain options: RWD 230 kW and AWD 425 kW. The AWD version can accelerate 0-100 km/h in 3.9 seconds. Both versions have 94.5 kWh cell-to-pack ternary lithium-ion battery packs supplied by CATL, providing a CLTC driving range of 700 km and 650 km, respectively. The Avatr 12 can change 200 km in 10 minutes thanks to its 750V high-voltage ultra-fast charging support.

Avatr 12

On the safety front, the Avatr 12 comes with no fewer than 29 sensors, including three Lidar sensors and a high-performance central computer that makes up the Huawei Advanced Driving System (ADS) 2.0 assistance suite which doesn’t need HD maps and covers 90% of urban driving scenarios, according to Huawei. The self-driving capabilities are one of the biggest selling points Avatr market to its customers.

avatr12 03

Besides China, the Avatr 12 already made its European debut at the IAA International Mobility Show in Munich a couple of months ago and will go on sale in European markets pretty soon.

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