Bike Makers Urge for Local Production of Electric Motorcycles

Bike dealers and assemblers are urging the government to develop a policy regarding localizing electric motorcycles. They stress that to get e-bike companies to concentrate on producing “Made in Pakistan” electric scooters rather than importing units that are 100% knocked down (CKD), they must be offered appealing incentives. The goal is to provide top-quality, competitively priced, durable electric bikes with enhanced after-sales support.

The consensus among industry experts is that all assemblers should shift their focus from “Made in China” to “Made in Pakistan” and evolve into manufacturers soon. While talking to The Express Tribune, they highlighted that without full government support, achieving localizations could not be made possible. They admit that the most recent and cutting-edge technology is now being transferred in the form of 100% imported CKD, which is a positive move at the outset, but in the near future localization must be mandatory for greater sustainability. They emphasize that investors are quickly entering the emerging EV bike business, enticing buyers by offering a cost-effective alternative to regular gasoline-powered motorcycles.

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They mention that the market study about the power of the motor and battery of the bikes has been successfully completed after multiple surveys and responses from customers. Customers are expecting repairs and suitable infrastructure for EV bikes as they become more popular, with environmentally aware citizens, cost-sensitive commuters, and tech enthusiasts adopting this new means of transportation.

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Speaking about electric vehicles, they stressed that the government must give incentives, including supportive policies, tax relief, and subsidies, so that this industry may grow and provide relief to inflation-hit people who are unable to afford petrol-powered bikes these days. According to Chief Coordinator of the Electric Two Wheelers Manufacturing Group-Pakistan, Muhammad Sabir Sheikh, who is also an EV bike dealer in Karachi:

“100% imported CKD motorbikes are not the future of the EV business in the country; we have to develop “Make in Pakistan” two-wheeler, electric scooters/ motorbikes, etc. If localization takes place, it will benefit both customers and the country, reducing prices of the motorbikes and import bill.”


He reveals that more than three dozen licenses of EV motorbikes have been issued, indicating healthy investments in this industry by assemblers. Sharing views, SIWA Industries Director Wahaj Zaki highlights that except for hilly areas, China has banned fuel motorbikes in their cities, with EV bikes now on roads everywhere in China. He notes that India is also growing quickly in this industry.

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Zaki mentions that assemblers usually get a license from the Engineering Development Board (EDB) on the condition that they will work on CKD, and after five years, they will gradually go on localization, but it is not implemented properly. He points out the wide variety of EV bikes available, catering to different needs such as bikes for women, long and short journeys, and kids. He notes that EV bikes do not usually require maintenance except for significant accidents, God forbid.

Source: The Express Tribune,

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