Toyota Recalls 25,815 bZ3 EVs Due to Battery Management Concerns

Toyota has initiated a recall plan with China’s State Administration for Market Regulation for 25,815 bZ3 electric vehicles manufactured between March 13, 2023, and November 9, 2023. Toyota operates two joint ventures in China— FAW-Toyota and GAC-Toyota, the bZ3 EV is produced by the former.

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According to information, this recall stems from a flaw in the power battery management control software, causing a significant deviation in estimated remaining battery levels after multiple incomplete charges and sustained high-speed driving. In extreme cases, affected vehicles might lose power before the charging warning light illuminates, posing potential safety risks.

Toyota bZ3 02

FAW-Toyota says it plans to upgrade the control program of the battery management controller in every bZ3 EV affected by the recall via an over-the-air (OTA) update, free of charge.

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Built with assistance from BYD of China, the Toyota bZ3 debuted in October 2022 before commencing production in China in early March 2023. By April, FAW-Toyota began initial sales in the market, but by July, already saw its first recall. Over 12,000 bZ3s were affected by the recall, which pertained to defective door handles installed on the EVs. Now this second recall involves an even larger group of potentially affected EVs.

Toyota bZ3 03

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