Toyota Recalls Over 12,000 bZ3 Electric Sedans in China

Toyota has been forced to recall its newly launched bZ3 electric sedan in China as its sales along with other Japanese car makers slump badly in the world’s biggest EV market.

The Toyota bZ3 which was launched hardly three months ago has been recalled because of defective door handles. According to information, its rear doors can potentially open while the car is in motion. In the other extreme, the doors can also remain locked in an emergency. The outer door handle’s design and construction result in an opening between the handle and the lock. In hotter and more humid conditions, the gap dysfunction gets worse.

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According to China’s State Administration for Market Regulation, around 12,205 units of Toyota bZ3 sedans are recalled which were produced between March 13 and July 5, 2023. Toyota requests the owners not to use the doors until they have been fixed.

bz3 cn

Toyota operates two joint ventures in China, FAW-Toyota, and GAC-Toyota, while the bZ3 is produced by the former venture. FAW-Toyota is replacing the rear door locks of the recalled vehicles free of charge. On top of that, additional gaskets in the rear door locks are also being installed to ensure higher levels of safety.

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The bZ3 sedan is Toyota’s only second pure-electric vehicle after the bZ4X electric SUV, which has met a very similar fate as that of its electric sibling. Soon after the bZ4X was launched, Toyota did a mass recall and even halted the sales of its first-ever electric SUV in many markets including China because of the risk of the wheels falling off. Subaru Solterra, which is a rebadged Toyota bZ4X also suffered from the same scenario. Later, the issue was rectified in October last year after which sales of Toyota bZ4X and subsequently the Solterra were resumed.

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