Pre-Sales of Refreshed Changan Hunter Pickup Truck Begins in China

Almost 4 years after its debut, the award-winning Changan Hunter (Kaicene in China) pickup truck has received a massive refresh featuring design & equipment upgrades. The facelifted pickup truck is available in 8 variants with a pre-sale price range of 139,900-216,900 yuan ($19,720 – $30,580).

In terms of appearance, the fascia of Hunter gets a massive overhaul with design cues now bringing it in line with the latest breed of Changan vehicles such as the UNI series. The dominating front grille is closely linked to the sharp-shaped headlights on both sides, forming a whole area. Furthermore, the vehicle’s overall ruggedness is further enhanced by black decorative bars that wrap around the front bumper design on both sides.

Changan Hunter Pickup 6

The rear end looks pretty much unchanged apart from minor differences in LED light signatures and a tweaked bumper. It is worth noting that the new model will also be available in long-bed and standard versions. The long-bed version has a wheelbase of 3,430 mm, and the standard version has a wheelbase of 3,180 mm. The new vehicle also comes equipped with unique cargo box doors, coverings, wheels, wheel arches, and roll bars.

Changan Hunter Pickup 4

Step inside the new Hunter and the interior is a complete overhaul from the outgone model. If it’s not for the A-pillar and the exaggerated armrest under the center console, one can hardly tell that this is a pickup truck. The dual-tone interior that promises to deliver a sedan-like comfort features a flat-bottomed multi-function steering wheel, a large free-standing screen that combines the digital instrument cluster as well as the infotainment system, and horizontally stashed air vents while the center console gets a wireless charging pad, cup holders and rotary drive mode selector. The gear lever has been shifted to the stalk behind the steering wheel, like most new Chinese cars.

Changan Hunter Pickup 3

One of the biggest updates is regarding the powertrain, as the Changan Hunter now comes equipped with an extended-range system (EREV) that will undoubtedly inject fresh blood into the pickup truck market. The Hunter uses a 2.0T JL486ZQ6 engine as an extended-range generator, with a maximum power of 140 kW. In terms of electric motors, the rear-wheel drive model uses a 130 kW rear-mounted motor, while the four-wheel drive model uses a dual-motor combination of 70 kW and 130 kW. It can sprint from 0-100km/h in around 7.9 seconds.

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The Hunter has a pure electric range of 180 km and a comprehensive CLTC driving range of 1,031 km. The fuel economy is rated at just 1.3 liters per 100 km or simply 77 km per liter. The vehicle also supports a 3.3 kW external power supply V2L function and integrates dual 220V sockets through which various devices (up to 3.3 kWh) can be powered.

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