Russia to Build its Own- Not So Pretty EV!

Despite their immense technical and engineering prowess, Russians always seem to struggle to create visually appealing products. The latest example has already taken the internet by storm.

Moscow Polytechnic University unveiled a new electric vehicle prototype called Amber in the midst of the difficulties facing the Russian auto industry. The vehicle’s unusual design has garnered negative feedback from viewers, with some even going so far as to call it the ugliest car in the world—possibly even surpassing the Fiat Multipla.

AM 1 800x480

Surprisingly, however, according to sources the Amber is not just a prototype; it is scheduled to commence production in 2025 at the Avtotor plant in Kaliningrad. The plant, which was formerly associated with well-known global brands including BMW, Ford, Kia, and Hyundai, is looking for fresh opportunities now that these companies have left the Russian market in the wake of the February 2022 invasion of Ukraine.

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The Amber’s specifications, including range, power, or charging capabilities, are yet to be revealed but are anticipated to be just as unimpressive as its styling and proportions. Some who criticize the design suggest that it may be because off-the-shelf parts were used, perhaps from different Russian cars already in production, or maybe even sourced from Chinese online stores.

AM 2 800x480

Notably, attention has been drawn to the unusual positioning of the two portholes and bug-eyed headlights on either side. According to sources, the electric motors, battery, inverter, and other powertrain components are developed and produced in Russia.

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