Skyworth Skyhome by Skywell Debuts in Hong Kong

Skyworth Auto is a brand under Jiangsu Skywell Autobomile founded in 2018 by Stephen Wong, who is also a founder of the Skywell Group. The budding company already sells two models in China— the EV6 and HT-i. Skyworth vehicles are also sold under the brands Elaris and Imperium in overseas markets.


The company has now revealed its third product— the Skyhome, as a nearly production-ready prototype that debuted at the International MotorXpo (IMXpo) held in Hong Kong. Skyhome was also recently awarded a gold medal for its design in the 2nd Hainan International Designer Competition.

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For now, Skyworth hasn’t shared any specifications or technical details regarding the Skyhome EV so the dimensions, wheelbase, and powertrain setup including battery & motor remain unknown at this stage. However, unlike most Japanese concepts with blacked-out windows and a non-existent interior, the prototype showcased at the Hong Kong expo boasts a fully ready design including a functional interior.

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The styling is smooth & fluid with slim LED matrix lights, a sloping roofline, and frameless suicide doors with no B-pillar in between. The absence of B-pillars prompts questions regarding the sturdiness of its structure. However, since it is still a prototype, it is unknown at this point if Skyhome will be like this in the mass-production versions.

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Skyworth has looked at China’s rich culture and heritage for inspiration. For example, the front matrix lighting has been inspired by the “glazed tiles of Chinese architecture,” while the third brake light creates a reflection in the rear glass, shining a China Red hue. The vehicle is bristling with innovative technology. The cornice wings slide back while the car moves, cutting wind resistance by 3% and conserving range. Under emergency braking, the wing can also tilt up by 5%, increasing stopping power.

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Elsewhere, the amusingly named “Ten Smart Butlers” intelligent assistant uses Artificial Intelligence to help the driver with everything, from time management and development planning – even “financial advisors” and “emotional protection,” whatever that may be. The Skyhome Intelligent system can understand complex commands and is always on standby, allowing occupants’ wishes to be fulfilled at a moment’s notice. There is even a system that can monitor non-contact vital signs. According to the automaker, it uses human medical biometrics and can “realize early assessment and intervention of users’ disease risks.”

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Skyworth explains the reasoning behind the Skyhome name. It is to provide a home-like environment. The premium interior features a massive 4-ft 9-inch screen on an ergonomic dashboard, a yoke-style steering wheel, immersive ambient lights, a panoramic sunroof, and cameras in place of side mirrors. The infotainment system is powered by Qualcomm 8295 chipset running Skyworth’s Xiaowei GPT. The rear passengers can experience a flexible TV screen with a mini-fridge.

The luxury sedan, which appears to be of a D-segment size, has a sophisticated suspension system. Dubbed “Skyworth Aladdin 1.0,” the system comprises a double-wishbone front setup, rear multi-link suspension, and possibly an air suspension. The automaker claims the vehicle has a perfect 50:50 weight ratio, which should make it handle the bends rather well.

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Stephen Wong, the founder of Skywell Group talking about the Skyworth Skyhome

Skyhome will be available in various trims including two or four-wheel drive versions. The flagship variant will boast a power output of 460 kW, which equates to around 625 hp enabling a 0 to 100 km/h sprint time of just 3.5 seconds. The sedan will also be equipped with an 800-volt architecture, allowing ultra-fast charging to recover 490 km of range in 10 minutes.

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Reports suggest the production-ready vehicle will be 90% identical to the car shown at the expo. The production version is expected to make its debut by the second quarter of 2024. According to Skyworth, the Skyhome won’t be restricted to being sold within China and will be offered in international markets too.

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