BMW Recalls Toyota Supra in USA

The newly resurrected Toyota Supra is subject to a new safety recall in USA for seatbelt guide loops that may feature improper welds. Funnily enough, the recall has been issued by BMW instead of Toyota.

Since BMW manufactures the Toyota Supra these days in Austria, it is the automaker responsible for the potential defect. It also highlights Toyota Supra’s heavy dependence on the BMW architecture.

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According to information, there is a total of 7 Supras that may have left the factory with improper welds for the seatbelt guide loop. In the event of a crash, the faulty welds may not let the seatbelt do its job and restrain the driver properly. Cars with bad weld job will need to be replaced entirely.

Though BMW issued the recall, Toyota will handle the inspections. Toyota dealers will have the Supra inspected, and depending on the outcome, owners might get a new sports car free of charge.

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