BYD to Drop ‘Build Your Dreams’ Rear Badging in Europe

The Atto 3 SUV and Seal sedan sold in Europe will no longer have the “Build Your Dreams” brand name badge on the rear, according to an announcement from Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer BYD. The change will apply to its vehicles sold in the UK as well.

According to Auto Express, the company decided to remove the badging that alphabetically spells out its name after receiving criticism from customers in several European markets, including the UK. The company executives say the extensive rear badging has caused debate among buyers and sellers. Some have argued that the aspirational message emphasizes BYD’s Chinese origins.

8 BYD Atto 3

The announcement was made at the Seal’s European launch. Tim Bryant, manager of BYD’s European customer experience, claims that as a result of the feedback, the badging on the Seal will now be clearer and simpler. He said:

“I’m pleased to say that we’ve listened to customer feedback and thanks to our rapid supply chains, Seal models for Europe will have discrete badging.”

Atto 3 EVs currently being produced for the European market are also having their badging removed from the tailboard. However, the name will continue to appear on the Dolphin for some time to come. The Dolphin’s brand name is stamped into the tailboard pressing rather than being attached with badges, so removing it would be too expensive.

103 byd dolphin reartracking

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