Suzuki Potohar cover

Remembering the Suzuki Potohar (SJ410)

The Suzuki Potohar is probably one of the least talked about vehicles in our market that did quite well in its era. It was introduced in the mid-1980s by Pak Suzuki and was originally a Suzuki Samurai produced by Spain’s Santana Motors (which in turn was a second-generation SJ30 Suzuki Jimny) but with an F10A petrol 970 cc carburetor engine.

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sportage cover

Remembering the First-Gen Kia Sportage in Pakistan

The Sportage launched by Dewan in Pakistan in the year 2022 (often referred to as Grand Sportage) became popular primarily due to the fact that it was the least expensive SUV in our market that was equipped with a proper 4WD system. Plus, unlike the previously imported one, the Sportage by Dewan was assembled in Pakistan.

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