Chery Wins Gold Medal at the International Convention on Quality Control Circles

Chinese automaker Chery has won gold medal at the International Convention on Quality Control Circles (ICQCC), also known as the Quality Olympics. Chery has been winning this title for 5 consecutive years now.

Thanks to the Chery Global Quality Management System, which covers product planning, design and development, supplier management, manufacturing, marketing service and system quality, the company has achieved this award after more than 24 test applications covering approximately 2 million kilometers in 30 different road conditions.

While Chery has strengthened its presence in international markets since 2001, it has managed to establish 5 R&D centers, 10 factories and more than 500 authorized dealers and authorized service points worldwide, excluding China.

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Chery QC Team constantly focuses on raising the bar to produce highest quality vehicles. The company conducts tests in harsh conditions such as sharp cold and scorching heat all over the world throughout the year. Every Chery product has to complete these rigorous tests.

Sales volume exceeded 10 million units

Chery has not only been at the top position among Chinese brands in passenger car exports for 19 years in a row, but also stands out as the first Chinese automobile brand with an annual export volume of more than 200,000 units. To date, Chery has exported its products to more than 80 countries and regions around the world with cumulative sales (including exports) exceeding 10 million units.

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