China’s Answer to Tesla Cybertruck?

When Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck, many didn’t liked its design. The unusual yet odd looking electric pickup became a meme template soon after it was revealed to the media. The production of Tesla Cybertruck is expected to commence by mid 2023. However it looks as if China has the answer to Tesla’s electric pickup, which not only is visually more attractive but will likely go into production well ahead of the Cybertruck too.

Sany Jingshan EV550

Sany, a large Chinese truck and construction equipment maker are going to foray into electric pickup truck segment. Newly leaked images from China’s patent bureau show an impressive machine, with macho looks, a massive front, a low roof, and a short bed. Fender cladding extends over the bonnet, with LED light bars underneath. The tires are enormous, much like armored vehicles while pickup truck shows ample ground clearance. The black cladding around the arches and bumper gives the vehicle a lot of presence.

Sany electric pickup truck

Other highlights include cameras in the front fender and on the tailgate, handlebars attached to the C-pillar, shark fin antenna, flush door handles and a tow hook. According to the images, the pickup truck will be available in 2-door and 4-door configurations.

Sany Jingshan EV550 2

There is currently no information on what will be there under the skin, but Sany has been making heavy duty electric trucks & tractors with plenty already in their arsenal. For example, their heaviest tractor trailer is the Jingshan EV550, the top-version of which has a 423 kWh battery, with a peak power of 405kW (543hp) & colossal 2,400Nm torque, and a range of 240 kilometers. The load carrying capacity is over 100 tons. Jiangshan EV-550 can cope with various complex road conditions calmly, the maximum climbing angle is ≥30%, and the acceleration time of 0-30km/h is less than 4 seconds! The battery pack is located behind the cabin. There are two options for charging: a fast-charge with dual charging ports, which takes 40 minutes (20-80%), or a battery swap which takes just 5 minutes. The comprehensive use cost of electric heavy trucks is said to be 70% lower than the fuel consumption cost of similar vehicles powered by conventional gasoline.

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But what if Sany fits the same 543hp/ 2400Nm motor with this pickup, well we will have to wait to find out. Sany will unveil this electric pickup later this year, most likely at the Guangzhou Auto Show.

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