Chinese EV Slays Tesla, Toyota & VW in Harsh Winter Test

It is widely understood that the driving range of electric vehicles can be impacted by lower temperatures. But a test conducted recently in Norway found that China’s Human Horizons HiPhi Z was the winter efficiency champion. Not only did it reduce losses from winter weather range to a mere 5.9%, but it also surpassed all rivals in terms of real winter range.

The Norwegian Automobile Federation (NAF) and the regional auto publication Motor Magazine convened a group of twenty-three electric cars, including the Human Horizons HiPhi Z, for a comprehensive driving test. Temperatures fluctuated between a chilly -2 to -10 degrees Celsius (28.4 to 14 degrees Fahrenheit) during this challenging winter range assessment at the end of January.

hiphi z2

During the assessment, the Chinese EV traveled the farthest of all due to its extreme cold resistance. Ultimately, the HiPhi Z completed the test with a 522 km range on a single charge. It was the only EV in the group to lose less than 10% of its WLTP-rated driving capabilities, meaning that its range decreased by less than 6% in cold weather.

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The other EVs in the test exhibited varying degrees of winter range reduction. For instance, the BMW i5 experienced a 12.2% decrease, declining from 505 km to 443.6 km, with similar results for the Kia EV9 and Lotus Eletre. In contrast, the Ford F-150 Lightning’s range witnessed a more substantial drop of 21.3%, plummeting from 429 km to 337.5 km.

HiPhi Z during cold weather tests in Norway

The worst performers were Toyota’s bZ4X which experienced a substantial 31.8% range reduction from 460 km to 313.5 km, and Volkswagen’s ID.7, which faced a near identical 31.9% decrease in range from 608 km to 414 km. Other weak performers were Tesla Model 3 Highland with a 29.9% reduction from 629 km down to 441 km, and the Polestar 2 Long Range with a 30% decrease from 614 km to 430 km, followed closely by Volvo C40 Recharge, which saw a 30.9% reduction from 572 km to 395 km.





Diff. (km)Diff. %
HiPhi Z555 km522 km-33 km-5.9%
BMW i5505 km443.6 km-61.4 km-12.2%
Lotus Eletre530 km464.6 km-65.4 km-12.3%
Kia EV9505 km441.9 km-63.1 km-12.5%
XPeng G9520 km451.8 km-68.2 km-13.1%
NIO EL6529 km456 km-73 km-13.8%
NIO ET5 Touring560 km481.4 km-78.6 km-14.0%
Mercedes EQE
350 4MATIC
491 km399 km-92 km-18.7%
Audi Q8 e-tron
515 km411.4 km-103.6 km-20.1%
BYD Dolphin427 km339.2 km-87.8 km-20.6%
Ford F-150
429 km337.5 km-91.5 km-21.3%
MG4 Trophy ER520 km399.6 km-120.4 km-23.2%
Hyundai IONIQ 6614 km467.8 km-146.2 km-23.8%
Hyundai Kona EV454 km341.3 km-112.7 km-24.8%
Nissan Ariya 4wd498 km369.4 km-128.6 km-25.8%
Peugeot e-308409 km297 km-112 km-27.4%
Jeep Avenger395 km286 km-109 km-27.6%
Opel Astra ST413 km296 km-117 km-28.3%
Tesla Model 3629 km441 km-188 km-29.9%
Polestar 2 LR614 km430 km-184 km-30.0%
Volvo C40572 km395 km-177 km-30.9%
Toyota bZ4X460 km313.5 km-146.5 km-31.8%
VW ID.7608 km414 km-194 km-31.9%

The Shanghai-based automaker attributes the HiPhi Z’s exceptional ability to withstand cold weather to its “Efficient Thermal Management System.” The solution was designed in-house and combines an advanced E-Powertrain thermal management system with a heat pump HVAC to extend the battery’s ideal operating window.

Test driver Simen Zimmermann claims that the HiPhi Z was able to maintain a pleasant cabin temperature in addition to keeping the battery warm—two crucial features on cold excursions in the Norwegian wilderness. According to Mark Stanton, co-founder and chief technical officer at Human Horizons:

“Tireless innovation and unique technology development are at the heart of our company, and our team is not only proud of this recognition but also the exceptional comfort the HiPhi Z demonstrated.”

As a manufacturer of high-end electric cars, Human Horizons launched into the European market for the first time last year. It runs HiPhi Hubs in Oslo, Norway, and Munich, Germany. In addition to the HiPhi Z, it also manufactures the HiPhi X and HiPhi Y crossovers.

hiphi x y and z models.

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