Excellent Result for Chinese Cars in Euro NCAP Crash Tests

There was a time (around year 2005-06) when Chinese cars were mocked for their poor crash test score in Euro NCAP tests, but hardly 5 years later they began to impress European safety authorities when Geely Emgrand EC7 along with MG6 scored 4 star result in Euro NCAP crash tests. And now with Euro NCAP standards becoming even more stringent, Chinese cars have again emerged on top with Lynk & Co 01 and Nio ES8 scoring full 5-stars in the latest round of Euro NCAP crash tests.

In some areas, the Lynk & Co 01 SUV even scored higher than the Audi Q4 e-tron and Volkswagen ID.4. The 01 SUV achieved a score of 96% (or 36.8 out of 38 points) in the adult occupant protection test, achieving full marks in the lateral impact and rescue and extrication tests. It’s also only 0.1 point shy of bagging the full score in crash tests involving children under the age of 10.

Lynk & Co 01 comes fitted with autonomous emergency braking which also detects pedestrians and cyclists. In Euro NCAP’s tests of its reaction to cyclists, the system performed well, with collisions avoided in most scenarios tested. The 01 scored 81% for the level of safety features it offers, however Euro NCAP noted that improvements were needed in vulnerable road user test.

On the other hand, the Nio ES8 luxury SUV is another fresh European debutant. But it’s a massive one, weighing about 2,435 kg, almost 700 kg more than the Lynk & Co 01 and twice as heavier than conventional automobiles. Still, it achieved the full 5 star rating, scoring 82% and 84% in the adult and child occupant protection tests and 92% score in the safety assist assessment owing to its vast range of advanced driver assist systems.

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Commenting on this, Euro NCAP secretary general, Michiel van Ratingen said:

“Lynk & Co and Nio show that ‘Made in China’ is not longer a pejorative term when it comes to car safety. Here, we have two new cars, both developed in China, performing extremely well in our tests. It’s clear that all manufacturers know that Euro NCAP will hold them to high standards if they want to sell cars in Europe and gratifying that they’re prepared to make the investment to get the best safety ratings.”

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