FAW Carrier vs Suzuki Mega Carry

Pak Suzuki introduced the Mega Carry Extra pickup in our market as CBU (imported from Indonesia) in December 2017. Powered by a 1.5 liter engine, the Mega Carry was primarily aimed to compete against the likes of FAW Carrier.

However, the pickup hasn’t been successful in getting the sort of attention the company might have expected. Let us see why the Suzuki Mega Carry is unable to create problems for its rivals.


Powered by a 1493cc engine, the Suzuki Mega Carry Extra has a payload capacity of 750 Kg and has a three-way loading deck, and that’s about it! What literally kills the Mega Carry is the ‘nothingness’ it offers.

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It’s like getting into the boxing ring without gloves or headgear, wearing shorts with ‘Extra’ written on it, against a skilled and well-equipped boxer who punches right into the face to knock you down on spot.

18 years into the 21st century, Pak Suzuki’s Mega Carry can be awarded as the most stripped Suzuki ever introduced in Pakistani market. Okay, first let the pictures do some talking before we proceed to highlight the ‘nothingness’.

There’s nothing on the dashboard, literally.. nothing! No air vents, no heater/ fan, no head rests for the driver, no radio, no cigarette lighter.. it’s that pitiful and boring. However what Pak Suzuki does officially mention as its features include horn, seat-belts, two side mirrors and 14-inch steel tires. It would have been better if steering wheel, speedometer and gear lever have been mentioned in the feature list too, to make it look well-equipped.

On the other hand there is FAW Carrier, the 1.0 liter 1-ton pickup that has become a trusted name in the market now. The FAW Carriers has an 8ft loading deck with 1-ton loading capacity, which is even more than the 750kg of Mega Carry.

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The FAW Carrier offers better driver convenience, since commercial vehicles drivers are supposed to drive these vehicles all day long. It’s important for them to feel easy and relaxed as what they do is never an easy job. The FAW Carrier has a much better and comfortable cabin with better car-like fabric seats for the driver, head rests, fan/ heater, better door cards with built-in pockets, cigarette lighter, AM/ FM radio with USB input etc.

FAW Carrier also come equipped with RPM meter, trip meter, projection headlamps, front fog lamps, disc brakes and 3-point seatbelts. Catering to different requirements, the FAW Carrier comes available in three variants, standard, flatbed and deck-less. On the other hand, the Mega Carry comes in a single trim.

The only advantage the Mega Carry somehow has, is a slightly powerful engine. The 1.5 liter engine of Mega Carry develops 92hp with 126Nm of torque, whereas the 1.0 liter engine of FAW Carrier develops 60hp and 84Nm of torque. However the Mega Carry has a kerb weight of 1100kg whereas the FAW Carrier weighs 865kg only, so both have an almost same power-to-weight ratio. (Mega Carry= 0.0379, FAW Carrier= 0.0315).


As for the warranty, the FAW Carrier is backed by a 3 years/ 60,000km warranty while Suzuki Mega Carry is backed by 2 years/ 40,000km warranty (whichever occurs first in both cases). So the Mega Carry loses here too.

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The last and the most important aspect is the price. The Suzuki Mega Carry is priced at PKR 14.99 lac whereas the FAW Carrier is priced as PKR 8.49 lac (deckless), PKR 8.59 (Flatbed) and PKR 8.69 (Standard). Which means the Pak Suzuki Mega Carry is PKR 6.3 lac more expensive than the standard FAW Carrier, which is a lot.

Considering this, it’s quite easy to understand why the Mega Carry is unable to make a mark in the market yet. It is more expensive and offers way less than the competitors such as the FAW Carrier, which is not only cheaper, but offers better utility, better driver comfort and comes with a greater peace of mind with a longer warranty period.

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