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Car detailing is increasingly becoming popular in our market. It is basically a process of performing of thorough cleaning, restoration, and finishing of a vehicle’s exterior as well as interior.

Detailing is in fact quite different from regular car servicing/ washing. Rather than splashing water on the car as a whole, specific attention is paid to clean and polish each and every part of the car, regardless of its size. Special and extremely specific scrubs, foams and high quality equipments are used to help the car regain its shine.

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Although there are a lot of car detailing services in town, one of the name that’s rapidly becoming popular with quality service and excellent user satisfaction level is Glint Auto Detailing Studio.

About Glint

Glint was setup by two aspiring youngsters; Akbar Lalani and Salman Ahmed in February 2018. Although relatively new, Glint has been able to make its place in the market and has been growing ever since due to its unmatched customer service and after-service follow up. Located at Allama Iqbal Road (near Tariq Road), Glint offers basic exterior and interior detailing, paint sealant coating, glass coating and ceramic coating services.

Benefits of Glass Coating from Glint

Why should you get your car glass coated from Glint? Because the car becomes resistant to scratch and swirls to a great extent. The shine which we call mirror glaze remains for a very long time. Moreover its is protected from UV Rays, dust, mud, tar, insect stains, bird droppings, tree snaps, traffic films, & paint fading from UV Rays is eliminated.

Toyota Aqua Glass Coated by Glint

It is much easier to clean as the dust is now on the protective layer. It saves time and money as you don’t need to get it polished or waxed for the next 3 years, and it definitely enhances the resale value of your car. It becomes water and oil repellent and has water beading features. Glint also offers a 3 years warranty on the shine, and offers a free quarterly service for 1 year.

Fabric/Leather Coating

Protecting the interior is as important as the exterior. Glint’s fabric/ leather coating protects the applied area from everyday spills and stains. It seals the surface and helps cleaning more easily without any stains and odor.

Who can avail the service?

The best part is, everyone can avail the service. There are no restrictions on any sort of vehicle, be it new old, metallic & non metallic, sedan, hatchback, SUVs, MPVs etc. Glint can pamper all sorts of cars.

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However in case of glass/ceramic coating, Glint recommends that a dent and major scratch-free car is coated. The reason being the coat enhances the surface, and no one would want their scratch (that cannot be removed via detailing) or dent to become more prominent.

How long does it take?

It generally requires up to 7 hours for regular detailing and paint sealant application, however for glass/ceramic coating, it but usually takes almost 2 days depending on the condition of the car. Glint offers these services against very economical charges as compared to the market.

What makes Glint different from the rest of the detailers is their excellent customer service and repute. They operate as a professional brand, & not just any other car detailing store. Furthermore the 3 year warranty for glass coating and ceramic coating, with free first year’s maintenance makes Glint a prime choice if you wish to get your car detailed/ glass coated.

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Regular Detailing by Glint
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