Government Bans Use of CNG/LPG in Public Transport & School Vans

The government has banned the usage of CNG/LPG as fuel in all public service vehicles (PSVs) and asked provinces and IG Motorway Police to start crackdown against passenger vans using gas cylinders.

In a letter to provincial governments and IG Motorway Police, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has asked for removal of CNG and LPG cylinders from the public service vehicles and school vans.

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In recent past, there were severe fire accidents in PSVs while the transport department was unable to check each and every PSV operating on roads. Therefore, the provincial government had requested OGRA to impose ban on use of gas cylinders in public transport. The OGRA notice reads:

 “In order to ensure safety of passengers and to avoid unpleasant incidents/ accidents this authority hereby conveys its concurrence to the request of banning CNG/LPG cylinders in public service vehicles.”

Through the letter, the OGRA has asked all provinces and inspector general Motorway Police to rigorously enforce its law (Rule I99 of MV Rule 969) and immediately ensure removal of CNG cylinders from all PSVs plying on roads cancelling their route permits for making violation of order.

The school vans, which are private vehicles, are also barred from using CNG fuel and cylinder to ensure safety of the innocent children. According to sources within OGRA, this decision might affect business of CNG stations but it will be helpful in saving precious lives.

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