Honda CR-V Price in Pakistan vs Elsewhere

Due to the higher taxes in Pakistan which accounts for nearly 30% of the vehicle price, cars in Pakistan are way expensive compared to other markets across the globe. The locally assembled models despite being expensive, lack quality and safety equipment that comes standard with their international versions.

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The second option is to go for the available used JDM imports but then you always have to worry about the fact that the car might be repaired, with tampered meter and what not.. on top of that used JDM vehicles have no warranty & you might also have to worry about spares particularly when you opt for a rare model.

The last option is to buy a brand new imported vehicle which unfortunately, are ridiculously expensive due to taxes and higher import duties. The most recent of such example is the launch of 5th generation Honda CR-V by Atlas last month. The compact crossover which is being imported as CBU is priced at PKR 95.0 lac.

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Of course the CR-V is considered as Honda’s most popular model in global markets and it offers a lot too, but it’s never this expensive anywhere else in the world. We tried to look around for the CR-V prices in other Asian markets and you will be surprised to know that the CR-V is available for nearly half the price elsewhere.

In Malaysia, the price of CR-V starts from MYR 141,558 which converts into PKR 39.84 lac. In Thailand the Honda CR-V is priced from 1,400,000 Baht, which converts into PKR 49.09 lac. In Indian market the CR-V is available for INR 24.79 lac which is equal to PKR 41.95 lac. Similarly in Philippines the CR-V is priced from PHP 1,648,000  which converts into PKR 34.91 lac while the conversion price of the Indonesian CR-V is equivalent to PKR 34.87 lac only.

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This makes us wonder if the new 5th generation CR-V despite all what it offers is worth the PKR 95.0 lac price tag in Pakistan? And more importantly will it be able to leave the showroom floors? We hope it just doesn’t become another showpiece. What is your opinion regarding the new Honda CR-V and its price, have your say with the comments..

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