Honda Shuts Japan Plant After WannaCry Hits Its Computer Network

Honda had to shut its Sayama plant in Japan for a day after the infamous WannaCry virus hit its computer network. It’s the same ransomware that struck various organizations around the globe last month.

Honda manufactures the Accord sedan, Odyssey Minivan and Step Wagon compact multipurpose vehicle at this plant. This facility produces approximately 1000 vehicles in a day. Although this virus had affected Honda’s global computer networks, but luckily, no other manufacturing facilities were affected.

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Last month, Renault and Nissan were a victim of WannaCry. In fact, the companies had to shut down their production in Japan, France, India, Romania and Britian for a few days. WannaCry targets specific computers, encrypts its data and then demands ransom payments in Bitcoins to decrypt the data.

What is WannaCry?

The program used in the global cyber attack is known as WannaCry ransomware or Wanna Decryptor. It was launched on Friday 12th May, and infected more than 230,000 computers demanding ransom payments in the cryptocurrency bitcoin in 28 languages. The attack was spread by various methods including phishing emails and on systems without up-to-date security patches.

Experts from the National Cyber Security Centre said the outbreak could continue to infect more systems and other victims may emerge. Investigators from around the globe, including the National Crime Agency (NCA), are working to hunt down those responsible for the WannaCry ransomware.


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