How will Suzuki Ravi Look with a High Roof

Pak Suzuki still assembles the 7th generation Carry in pickup and minivan iterations, sold as Ravi and Bolan respectively. While Bolan comes in a high-roof form (original Carry van had both low-roof and hi-roof version), the Ravi comes in low-roof version only, so was the original 7th gen Carry pickup.

Recently we posted an article about how bad the Ravi is for its occupants. Being a 40-years old vehicle that severely lacks basic creature comfort features, the cabin of Suzuki Ravi is nothing less than a hell in the cell for those behind the wheels. However as pointed out by one of our readers, the hi-roof version is actually a bit better than the low-roof version primarily due to an increased cabin height resulting in better head room.

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Measuring from seat cushion to ceiling, the space is barely 35 inches in case of low-roof Ravi, however in Bolan which is a high-roof version, the space is around 6 inches more in comparison. This leads us to imagine how the Ravi will look like in a high-roof form, so we made a couple of images to visualize the possibility.

Ravi Hiroof

Of course, since both vehicles share the same platform as well as the interior, it should be a very doable job for local technicians. Perhaps the only thing needed to be altered will be one stamped panel and its upholstery/lining. The increased ride height will also be beneficent to tall drivers who won’t have to sit with a hunched position for several hours a day thus experiencing cervical and lumbar problems.

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Ravi Hiroof 2

Do you think that there should be a hi-roof version of Suzuki Ravi, something Pak Suzuki should have pondered to offer in a span of 40+ years, let us know with your comments below.

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