Hyundai Sonata Selling More Than Suzuki Swift

Hyundai-Nishat launched the Sonata mid-sized sedan as CKD assembled model in Pakistan in July 2021. Since then Sonata has received positive response from the public despite being a pricier product, however when we compare to similar available vehicles in its class in our market, Sonata’s price looks extremely attractive.

Now as of the first three months of local production, Sonata has 496 units under its belt averaging sales of 165 units a month. Interestingly, this monthly sales average is better than that of Suzuki Swift, which sold 466 units in the same period averaging just 155 units a month.

Sonata white blk

You might be wondering that the low sales of Swift is due to the fact that the vehicle just got discontinued by the company (sold 87 units in September), however despite being a mass market option, Swift remained seated at the bottom of domestic sales chart for almost a decade. The Pak Suzuki Swift had recorded its lowest-ever sales in a fiscal year with only 1,828 units sold during FY2019-20 averaging just 152 units a month.

Sonata white blk 2

Although there is absolutely no comparison between the two vehicles but it does goes to show that Sonata, even being a three-times pricier product than Suzuki Swift is doing wonderfully well in terms of sales.

Sonata front

For years, Sonata’s main rivals, the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord being CBU, have kept gracing the showroom floors in Pakistan due to very unrealistic pricing. Although Sonata is also an expensive product priced at PKR 63.99 lac for base 2.0L and PKR 70.99 lac for flagship 2.5L variant, but it is in fact a lot cheaper when compared to its competition. Toyota Camry and Honda Accord, both of which are offered as CBU are priced at PKR 186 lac and PKR 119 lac respectively.

Sonata 5

Sonata also happens to be the first locally assembled Hyundai passenger car (in Pakistan) that’s in line with its global model. The previously introduced Tucson crossover SUV as well as the Elantra sedan launched earlier this year are previous generation models which have been replaced by newer generation ones in international markets.

Sonata 4

In a price territory that’s considered exclusive for expensive crossover SUVs, the Sonata mid-sized sedan is doing fairly well for Hyundai-Nishat. And its success might open doors for other automakers to introduce premium mid-sized sedans in our market.

Sonata back2

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