Hyundai to Introduce Intelligent Air Purification System

South Korean automaker Hyundai is speeding up in introducing game-changing technologies with their cars. After having developed the world’s first multi-collision airbag system, and world’s first 3D instrument display, the company is now developing an intelligent air purification system for its cars.

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Hyundai wants to improve the quality of the air inside the cabin for its passengers to breathe, so the intelligent air purification system will come into play by continuously monitoring the quality of the air inside the cabin, cleans it when it detects the presence of harmful particulates, and shares the results with the passengers in real time.

Although many modern cars today come with an air purification system, but it’s usually only active for a period of time determined by each manufacturer, and it shuts off when it’s programmed to, regardless of whether the air is clean or not.

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Hyundai’s system however, relies on a laser-based sensor neatly integrated into the cabin to tell whether the air quality is excellent, good, fair or poor. If it’s excellent or good, then all is well and the system will remain in standby mode. If it falls to fair however, the air purification system will automatically turn on and eliminates particulates until the level again rises to excellent, and the occupants can breathe easy. According to Hyundai, this process happens almost instantaneously, even if the air quality outside is poor.

Occupants can check the air quality inside the cabin in real time by tapping the touchscreen embedded in the dashboard. The technology can also remove particulates from the cabin before the passengers enter the car, which means one can send the voice command to the car via an app to ‘clean the air to excellent’ and set the inside temperature to a desired level before they reach the car.

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Hyundai’s particulate-trapping technology works with high-performance cabin air filters that collect up to 99% of fine particulates before they enter the cabin. The system also features a charcoal-based deodorization function, which means one can look at grazing cows without smelling what they ate the day before, and it can automatically close the windows if it detects a peak in particulates.

The air purification system is “already under consideration for future Hyundai and Kia vehicles,” according to a statement published online. However the exact timeframe and the first model to have this feature is unknown at this stage. The South Korean automaker is already working on Separate Sound Zones technology, Solar Roof Charging technology, as well as Wireless EV Charging and Autonomous Parking for its future vehicles.

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