Kia Sportage Prices Reduced in Pakistan

Lucky Motor Company (LMC) has announced a reduction in prices of Kia Sportage variants in Pakistan. The revised prices are effective from 4th March 2024.

According to the company notification, the price of the base Sportage Alpha has been reduced by Rs 250,000 after which it is available for PKR 73.0 lac. Keep in mind LMC recently increased the price of Sportage Alpha by Rs 250,000 last month, along with an increase in the price of the Picanto hatchback. So the company has taken back that revision within a month.

kia new prices 24

For the other 3 variants, namely FWD, AWD, and Limited Edition, the price has been slashed by Rs 300,000. After this, the Sportage FWD is available for PKR 77.4 lac, the Sportage AWD variant is available for PKR 84.7 lac, while the flagship Limited Edition now retails at PKR 90.0 lac. Prices for the rest of the Kia lineup remain unchanged as of now.

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Although the company hasn’t given any reason behind the latest revision, it is largely believed to be due to declining sales. According to the data, 3,252 units of Sportage were sold in calendar year 2023 compared to 7,630 units in 2022 showing a decline of 52%. Sportage’s monthly sales average has come down to just 271 units. Though other Kia models are also witnessing a turbulent patch, the Sportage is Kia’s bestselling product in Pakistan, and that may be why the company with this price revision, wants to make it more attractive to buyers. We’ll keep an eye on other Kia vehicles in case their prices are modified.

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