Lane Specifications on Shahra-eFaisal

The introduction of lane usage information on the Shahra-e-Faisal Karachi and heedlessness being displayed by people is indeed the kind of level of darkness the public at large has descended down to. But the worst part of it; these brain stunted persons claim that automakers in Pakistan are not offering lane assist in their cars, I wonder what they are going to use it for? They can’t even use their eyes to decipher the huge white panels hooked on each pedestrian bridge on Shahra-e-Faisal.

Sure, the introduction of technology is always a welcome step, as it reduces the possible impact on our planet. However, in a society full of people who hardly respect what other people think or even does not have the inkling about using this new technology to its true form, it is hardly justifiable at public’s part to demand it from the automakers and thereby increase the potential cost of owning a car for a general user as well.

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I am referring of-course to the plastering of the info boards on the Shahra-e-Faisal and 80% publics’ incompetence all the same to even try and follow them. No doubt this initiative by the government was a great one, as 5% ethical people have started to drive as per the instructions given on the boards, nevertheless it was a half step. In its hurry to control the traffic mess it took this ungainly step, and failed to measure the depth of the level of darkness the 80% public have become converged into a dark pit.

The Sind government needs to inflict other half on people as well; and start shepherding 80% upstarts into following this rule, only then the full fruits of this rule are going to be felt. There is one hitch though, people have become “pious and fearless” and think that only they know the true religion while, the rest are just ignoble and know nothing about it. This is the task that government needs to tackle first, educate the 80% masses and inculcate common sense in them or at-least educate them to be careful for others rather than for one-self while driving.

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Now, while, we know that if we read and try and impose upon us the stated instructions, the problems of the vehicles moving along the fastest lane are going to be solved because as of now their fun and adrenaline filled drive is somewhat punctuated by curses uttered, while braking sharply for a hero riding a bike or rickshaw, who jumps in the lane without any warning.

Even, the frequent blockades in the rest of the lanes could be avoided because, this manual lane assist (boards installation) has been designed with one philosophy in mind– advice the two-wheel riders to stay in the extreme left lane so that they may be able to vault over pavements, slides, stones or other barriers comfortably and without troubling their fellow beings.

By the way, half of these jams are caused because the bike riding stunts men, who are unaware to their surroundings. All they can see is a city from the GTA where they can, you know, just become invincible and fly on the roads meandering through the traffic and hit and scoot off like that. This is not some mission from the GTA and in real life you have to pay for the consequences to your driving habits either in monetary form or blood.

The first priority of the government should resume issuing fines to the rule breakers on a regular basis. They also need to think up of a way that is going to make it easy for the law-breacher to payoff this fine. I remember well the immediate docility of the 80% un-bending necks when a few months ago police had strictly started on the impositions of rule following.

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Finally, one thing is beyond my understanding; how thick can we be to even fail to realize that breaking traffic rules and causing suffering to our fellow traffickers is a heroic thing? I am particularly trying to instill fear into people who consider tableegh an important factor but are quick to scoot through the red signal or from between the cars while damaging backlights is perhaps as expensive as a whole motorbike.

That is ridiculous but things become pathetic when the person riding a two-wheeler says that what is it to that rich man sitting in a car he can afford to pay for damage. I don’t know where are we getting these ideas because not even a single hadees quoted in tableegh justifies this kind of thinking. Forget tableegh, even a person with a mite of humanity considers willful damage to other party’s property to be an inhumane act.

Just think about it, a person riding a two-wheeler cannot even forego a few minutes worth petrol, to stay put patiently for his brother’s right.. eh. In other words.. crude words, all is justified to save your fuel costs or own neck.

by Khurram Memon from Karachi

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