Made in Afghanistan Mada 9 Sports Car Unveiled

The first Made in Afghanistan sports car has been finally unveiled. The videos & images of the Afghan-made sports car called Mada 9 were already making rounds on the internet for quite some time now.

The Taliban regime in Afghanistan celebrated the unveiling of the first sports car designed by Muhammed Reza Ahmadi, who is an Afghan automobile engineer. Suhail Shaheen, IEA Permanent Rep-designate to the United Nations wrote on Twitter, & tagged a video that showed the Taliban leaders surrounding the supercar:

“Unveiling ceremony of a car made by an Afghan engineer M. Raza Mohammadi. All qualified Afghan youths should rise to the occasion to play their innovative role in the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan.”

Not for sale

Muhammed Reza who is the CEO of Entop Auto Studio has designed and produced the first Made in Afghanistan sports car for the Technical Vocational Education and Innovation Center of Afghanistan. Reza said he has received many offers for the vehicle but the car is not for sale.


Ahmadi, who took more than 5 years and deployed the help of 30 other engineers to design the sports car, used a Toyota Corolla engine to propel the wheels and is supposed to be replaced later by a more sophisticated powerplant if used in a race. A video posted to the brand’s YouTube page on December 31st, 2022 (see below) shows the chassis of the car and a lethargic four-cylinder Toyota engine coming to life.

Mada 9 with a Toyota Corolla engine at its back

Qatar Exhibition 2023 Debut

Talking to local reporters Reza said he is hopeful that the Mada 9 sports car will be showcased at Qatar Exhibition 2023 in Doha.

Mada 9 Trailer

Ghulam Haidar Shahamat, the head of Afghanistan’s Technical Vocational Education and Innovation Center said Qatari authorities have been requested to support the display of this car at the Doha Exhibition. Shahamat also said that efforts are underway to provide the ground for exploring talents within the country.

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Although technical details have not been officially shared, as per sources the vehicle is made from lightweight composite materials, and has a tubular frame chassis as well as an F1-style pushrod suspension. For more information, we might have to wait for the Qatar Exhibition 2023 in Doha.

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